Influenza is usually known as the , is an extremely contagious caused due to the RNA viruses. Flu is a disease of mouth, nose, ears, throat and lungs which at times may also cause death. Every year about 35,000 deaths happen just because of influenza. The most frequent symptoms of influenza are shivering, higher , sore throat, body pain, muscle pain, severe headache, cough, fatigue, fatigue, nausea and uneasiness.

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When influenza symptoms worsen it triggers Pneumonia, particularly in young children, elders and chronically ill individuals. A flu infected child might feel fatigue and nostalgic. Flu disease is spread through the air. It enters into the body of somebody through the nose, mouth or eyes. Flu is transmitted from one individual to another while coughing, sneezing or by sharing infected items. The influenza virus is more active in winters, therefore it’s crucial to keep yourself healthy and boost up your during this time period. Sunlight and disinfectant can inactivate the influenza virus.

These three types of Influenza virus are responsible for influenza symptoms. The influenza virus is transmitted from one individual to another by coughing, sneezing and by sharing contaminated objects. Recovering from flu takes nearly two weeks without antibiotics.


A sick child must get loads of rest; kids must well, get loads of and eat a healthy and immune boosting diet. Children should drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water day. It assists in hydrating the mucus membrane. A nebulizer can help kids to breathe smoothly and you have to also keep their nose clean with saline nose drops. Fever can be considered a healthy indication of the body’s immune system. High temperature may weaken and kill influenza virus and bacteria in the body by itself defense system.

To support your immune system herbs play a wonderful role. A tincture together with herbs such as Echinacea, , lemon balm, elder blossoms or chamomile supports the immune system in the human body. You can offer your kid decongestants, nasal sprays, cough drops, cough syrup and pain relievers, so the child can find some relief from the unpleasant effects of the flu. You shouldn’t give asprin to kids that have symptoms of influenza, especially when they’re suffering from high fever. Children, elders and people that suffer from a chronic disease should get annual vaccines and antiviral drugs. Antiviral drugs assist you in decreasing tenure of the influenza.

Take note

  • While coughing or sneezing cover your nose and mouth.
  • Keep space from people who sneeze and cough.
  • Blow nose with a tissue and then throw the tissue away. Clean your hands thoroughly with antibiotic soap.
  • Wash your hands every 2 hours using antibiotic soap and warm water. Dry your hands with towel.
  • Don’t touch your eyes, nose or mouth with your hands after touching any item.
  • Use an based sanitizer to wash away germs out of your hands. Alcohol based sanitizer will help in killing bacteria.
  • Take sauna baths that can aid you in killing the flu virus. It’s not feasible for the influenza virus to remain living in the sauna bath because the air there becomes quite hot. A steamy bathroom assists in relaxing nasal passages too.
  • Drink plenty of water which assists in maintaining your mucous membranes well hydrated. Hot liquids help you a whole lot in relaxing your upper respiratory tract.
  • Avoid crowded places when there’s flu epidemic. The virus spreads very easily in crowded areas.
  • Avoid alcohol, tobacco and cigarette smoking in a flu epidemic or flu season. These are harmful to the human body and at the same time they weaken your body’s immune system, making you vulnerable to the flu.