Anti-invecchiamento, control, natural immunity, and of pollutants in our bodies are all issues of concern for all of us in the 21st century. Is it that one material provides a solution to each these issues? Based on news reports from Cornell University, the New England Journal of Medicine and the U.S. Government’s centre for Disease Control, to name a few, it appears there’s.


Questo materiale è il colostro. Il colostro è un fluido giallo denso, ricco di proteine, fattori immunitari e di crescita, prodotto dalle madri umane per circa 72 ore dopo il parto. Il colostro bovino, il colostro delle mucche, è 100 volte più ricco di fattori immunitari del colostro umano. Meglio ancora, non è specifico della specie, il che significa che può funzionare nelle persone e nei mammiferi inferiori. I potenti fattori immunitari e di crescita del colostro portano il corpo a uno stato naturale di e benessere. I seguenti sono alcuni dei benefici del colostro.

After puberty, the sum of immune and growth factors in our bodies begins to decline. As we get older, we become more vulnerable to disease. We’ve got issues with loss of muscle tone and weight reduction and our skin becomes more elastic. An aging individual shows lower levels of growth hormone than a younger person. By age eighty we produce, essentially, no growth hormone.

Tenete a mente

Il colostro stimola lo sviluppo dei tessuti e delle cellule, ripara e aiuta a invertire i danni causati dalle malattie e dal naturale processo di invecchiamento e aiuta a rinnovare la pelle e le ossa. Questo rende il colostro uno strumento prezioso nella lotta contro l'invecchiamento precoce. Le diete, i digiuni, le diete yo yo e la rapida perdita di peso portano alla perdita di muscoli magri piuttosto che di grasso. Il colostro contiene IGF-1, l'ormone della crescita più efficace nel nostro corpo. I fattori di crescita nel colostro bovino e la leptina aiutano il corpo in un aumento del metabolismo, una maggiore facilità a costruire muscoli magri e una diminuzione del grasso.

Additionally, it affects the neurotransmitters in our bodies that enhances mental acuity. If you are inclined to eat when stressed or sad, colostrum also assists in this respect. Colostrum contains proteins which function as antibodies. These are the most effective immune factors found in colostrum. Several recent clinical studies have proven colostrum to contain antibacterial, antiviral, and properties.

Although colostrum, as a dietary supplement, is relatively new to the United States, doctors in India have used colostrum as a remedy for centuries. In an optimal environment, where we get enough , eat well, exercise regularly and put no toxins in our bodies that the body is an extremely efficient mechanism. When these conditions aren’t fulfilled toxins build up in our bodies. Taking colostrum can lead to a substantial quantity of cellular energy.

Nota finale

This energy is used to expel the waste stored outside the cells. This waste leaves the body from whatever channel that’s available. Sometimes it is possible to experience cold or like symptoms when first taking colostrum, based on the quantity of toxic buildup. Make certain to get loads of rest, drink enough and consume simply while detoxifying. Colostrum is a food. With the exception of allergies in person’s known to be allergic to cow’s milk, it doesn’t have any side effects at any given level of consumption. It has no known drug interactions. Along with mature consumption, it may safely be consumed by children and pets. However, based on tests conducted at Cornell University, authentic colostrum is colostrum in the first milking after the birth of the calf and gathered within six hours of its arrival. As always, use due diligence in deciding which products to purchase.