Cos'è un antibiotico?

An antibiotic is an antimicrobial substance produced synthetically or by a that tries to detain or limit the development of disease producing bacteria. The term biotic pertains to . Unfortunately, antibiotics kill beneficial as well as harmful bacteria.

Cosa succede quando si usano gli antibiotici?
Più si utilizzano antibiotici farmaceutici, i batteri diventano resistenti ad essi. Come può succedere?

The solution lies in the marvel of nature and the skills that it bestows upon its inhabitants to protect themselves against predators. For instance, when you use a pharmaceutical antibiotic, it kills only the susceptible bacteria and is powerless against bacteria which is resistant. Bacteria are immune because they have genes coded for antibiotic resistance. Like other animals, bacteria live by the law of survival of the fittest. Bacteria continue to evolve toward a more powerful strain to resist against the myriad kinds of antibiotics.

Sono anche in grado di evolversi all'interno delle differenze regionali per resistere all'attacco degli antibiotici. Per esempio, gli antibiotici presi per le infezioni dell'orecchio in una regione della nazione potrebbero non essere utili per lo stesso tipo di infezione in un'altra zona. Gli antibiotici abbassano il e distruggere l'essenziale intestinale . Without intestinal flora to suppress , the uterus begins to grow in the body. Do you take antibiotics? Most people who don’t take prescription antibiotics would answer no to the question. Therefore, to be more specific I need to ask, how frequently do you take antibiotics?

Se hai carne, uova o latticini non biologici, molto probabilmente stai esagerando con gli antibiotici. Perché?

Most of the animals that offer these goods, routinely receive antibiotics in 1 form or another due to their poor health. The antibiotics subsequently pass into the human supply. For instance, most chickens raised for food has to live in unsanitary conditions that encourage various infections in these birds. Other than cows, penicillin commonly finds its way into your body through the use of dairy products and beef. Cows get this antibiotic in their feed to avoid mastitis, an inflammatory disease, and other disorders. Antibiotics injected into cows and other animals raised for food become a part of your meal. You might be taking daily doses of antibiotics whether you use prescription antibiotics from the drugstore.

In nature, certain plants exist which may be used with all their naturally occurring elements intact (rather than dispersed as with medication ) to boost , and also to combat bacteria, viruses and fungi with no negative effects of these pharmaceutical antibiotics. Furthermore, certain plant components can demobilize and break down the spikes of viruses which bore through healthy cells and render the host prey to disease and disease. How you decide to look after your life goes to the choices you make for your health. When chemical compounds are isolated as with pharmaceutical antibiotics, adverse reactions can develop because of disturbance of the body’s natural processes.

Pharmaceutical antibiotics are known to reduce immunity and so weaken your life force. formulations — life improving formulas — improve immunity by nourishing the tissues, organs, and several other life giving aspects of the body. These natural formulations work together with the body during the healing process without adverse side-effects.

Furthermore, they aim not just in the susceptible bacteria, but also at viruses and fungi. Nature works with character. Human beings are natural entities. Understanding and implementing natural procedures of self-care significantly improves your health.