There’s a party going on right up your respiratory tract. Countless common cold viruses are having the time of their lives as you’re down in your bed, teary-eyed, coughing and feverish. You also have runny nose and you wonder whether you’re able to make a fortune from the empty boxes of Kleenex strewn on the ground. Having colds is simply not one of your favorite days!

Common cold

What you can’t understand, however, is how can you capture the common cold. You wash your hands vigorously every time you held on to a door knob or stairway railing; you sanitize your hands whenever a man shakes your hands; and you make it a point to run as far as possible from people who sneeze. But still, there you are, suffering from a common cold. Your physician quickly recommends over-the-counter cold medications.

But surfing through the Net, you found out that the best way to fight common colds is by drinking loads of water and other healthy fluids. Utterly confused, you can’t decide which method to follow so that you could effectively escape your bout with frequent colds. Well, when it comes to beating common colds, the struggle begins with the strength of your .

Take note

That’s right; to effectively prevent or reduce short the symptoms of common colds, you must be sure your body’s defenses are prepped up to clobber intrusive viruses such as the ones that cause common colds. Here are the three most helpful elements you have to have in abundance so you can beef up your system in beating common colds. C only makes your immune system function at its highest possible level. It’s like placing your defense mechanisms on red alert against viral diseases all of the time.

If you desire a more graphic description of vitamin C can do for your body, consider wearing a knight’s armor, complete from head to toe; just in your case, the armor protects you from cold viruses rather than arrows and blades. Doctors suggest about 3,000 mg of Vitamin C everyday can do a lot to maintain common cold viruses from you. If you’re already surrounded with a common cold, you can increase your take to about 6,000 to 12,000 mg of Vitamin C and, in just a couple of days, expect your cold to be out of your system.

A common cold is essentially an infection whose main occupation is to ravage your and ruin your day. But your respiratory tract is really equipped with cells which form a mucosal or slimy lining which assists in ambushing common cold viruses before they do heavy damage. Besides being too sticky for germs, this liner, known as epithelium, can also be laden with proteins which could effectively neutralize viruses.

Therefore, at first indication of a common cold, you will need to improve the potency and efficiency of your epithelium. You can accomplish this with the support of . Indeed, what is good for the eyes, may also be good for your fight against cold viruses. When your body is at war with invading viruses, then your system is likely to create toxic after-effects in the kind of free radicals which can damage your cells.

Final note

Ironically, your struggle for can make things more difficult or complex due to these baneful by-products on your system. But you don’t have anything to worry about; with ample , your cells will be protected from damages caused by free radicals.