If we increase our awareness about cancer prevention and begin early with avoidance strategies we can help protect ourselves from developing cancer. But even after cancer was diagnosed, the great thing is that using whole organic products can be useful through all phases of treatment to provide nutritional supplementation, aid in detoxification, and improve immunity and cell regeneration.

Organic help

I use whole organic sea treatment products made from green and brown seaweeds gathered off the coast of Vancouver Island. These seaweeds are a treasure of sea , nutrients, vitamins and trace elements. Brown kelps are the most highly mineralized plants in the world. They collect minerals directly from the sea and concentrate them in their plant structures.

These health-giving minerals in seaweed are easily accessible to you when applied to the and absorbed through the skin, (or ingested by drinking organic green ). Kelps offer colloidal minerals that may facilitate the unloading of poisonous substances and help other nutrients, such as trace elements, in being used and transported to cells.

Preventive factor

Concerning cancer prevention and therapy, maybe two of the most effective elements of the seaweeds are iodine and fucoidan. Iodine is a essential nutrient, not only for proper thyroid functioning however, additionally it is vital for the normal functioning of cells, nervous system, muscles, brain growth, oxygen use, metabolism, a strong immune system, and a good deal more.

Iodine may take a major role in other therapeutic functions of the human body, such as prevention of cancer (particularly in breasts, ovaries, uterus, and thyroid gland), the prevention and treatment of fibrocystic breasts in girls, and regulation of blood pressure. It can be said that Japanese women have among the lowest incidences of breast cancer in the world.

They typically consume more than 13g of iodine daily, in the shape of seaweed. The content of pure iodine found in the seaweeds is thousands of times greater than in soil plants. Most of us have never heard of fucoidan since it’s has not had much attention in the media. However it’s been the topic of several scientific studies.


It’s an antioxidant that’s been scientifically proven to kill cancer cells, in addition to improve immunity and cellular health. Scientists have established that fucoidan arouses the passing of certain cancer cells by encouraging their usual disposal in the body. Fucoidan stimulates the immune response once the body is assaulted, slowing down the growth and spreading of cells that are senile.

Fucoidan supports blood flow to native body cells, fights off germs and virus, and regenerates tissue. Within the molecular arrangement of fucoidan is the presence of fucose that’s a recovery sugar, not to be confused with fructose. Fucose can be found abundantly in human , and that’s the reason babies that are breastfed for longer periods of time appear to have a stronger immune system.


Both fucoidan and fucose are found in ample supply in entire organic seaweed products. Seaweeds may be utilised in facial and body treatments in an assortment of ways. They may be implemented through body treatments to help rid the body of toxins and increase lymphatic drainage. They can be applied directly to the face and body for absorption of the high mineral, and trace element content. Seaweeds may also be taken internally in a tea, blended with green and mint flavors.