The rush of the world’s population is becoming outsized, and so has the population of these germs! With all the seasonal changes, , and unhygienic atmospheres the viruses are having this kind of celebration! Apart from the vitamins and hygienic practices it is possible to maintain, why don’t you focus on your immune system to make your body stronger to fight these foreign bugs from touching you! Apples contain a good deal of good antioxidants that cleanse your entire body.


Pomegranates and papayas are the miracle fruits of health. They play a massive role in boosting your body’s defences naturally. Yoghurt is a tasty and healthy choice for maintaining immunity. The pro-biotic cultures guard your digestive tract from disease causing germs. Garlic is a wonder root that takes care of several ailments and prevents them. Eating garlic daily in its raw form is recommended, but because of its odor one may also take advantage of garlic pills available in health shops.

Put a custom of using garlic into your daily cooking. Mushrooms improve blood flow and produce more of this disease fighting white blood cells. like Turmeric, cumin and detoxify your body from its impurities and purifies your immune system. Oats and barley have a similar cleansing effect because of its fiber rich feature and also contain other health benefits.

Lemons maintain a healthy pH environment within your body that does not allow harmful bacteria to survive. Exercising regularly keeps your blood flow up and your system in peak working condition. Good blood circulation is very important to permit regular cleansing routine of the .


Drinking enough water combined with this action flushes out the of the body and prevents foreign germs to enter. Lastly, a good restful night’s sleep rejuvenates the body and makes it ready for the next day’s fight against the millions of bacteria and germs you encounter during the day. Don’t compromise on that! Dave has been writing articles online for almost 3 decades now. Both amazing ways to find safe and fun entertainment and fun for all ages.