We know we can improve our immunities from the foods we eat (and prevent), and how we . But additionally it is possible to construct our immune system by altering our lifestyle; this is, by being positive and optimistic. has generally said spoke down this entire concept, and for the cynic in us we might believe that they would endorse this idea if it could be sold at the pharmacy.

Let’s see…

But if you don’t spend money on treatment, you can get it all for free if you set your mind to it. The first I’d heard of the concept was from the experience of Norman Cousins. In 1976 he wrote of how he beat a debilitating, -threatening kind of arthritis after doctors gave him little likelihood of recovery. After leaving the hospital he checked into a hotel, took huge doses of vitamin C and watched endless Marx Brothers movies, all of the while churns out loud with .

He’s gone on to write about how people are able to heal themselves through laughter. Though many immunologists are reluctant to realize a positive emotional state is going to have any impact on general , everyone appears to be in agreement that or anxiety will have adverse health consequences. Studies as far back as the 1980s revealed a relation between the brain and the immune system. So if stress or some other negative emotions can negatively impact health, why is it so tough to accept that positive emotions can positively impact health? It’s also interesting to note that not all pleasurable experiences provide the identical immunity benefits.


It derived from short-term psychological experiences does not offer the same advantages as those derived from activities that provide life a better sense of meaning and purpose. To put it differently, it’s a good idea to look after ourselves and our unique needs, but even better to obtain happiness from helping others and have a larger involvement. Yet more proof that our emotional state is connected to our immune system.

Unfortunately most people will find happiness to be rather elusive, since it’s pretty much a mind-set most everybody searches for. As Abraham Lincoln once said, “Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” But for most people plenty of different things become happy. Certainly reducing anxiety will play a role, and there are tricks we can play ourselves to keep it to a minimum. People which were put into stressful situations and then were given exercises to take their mind off that anxiety had significantly lower anxiety markers in blood samples than those who ruminated on the stressful situation.


To put it another way, place your stress behind you. An entire lifestyle reboot may be required more than simply changing an individual’s way of thinking. Besides handling stress and getting ample sleep regularly, keeping your insulin levels under control with a wholesome is critical. Making water your drink that you consume just about all of the time and on a regular company all plays an essential part. Everything leads to changing your lifestyle habits.