Even if you follow only one of those seven steps towards healthy weight loss, you’re certain to lose weight naturally and keep it off. Best of all your health will dramatically improve and the price will probably be next to nothing! It’s a sad but true fact that the amount of overweight and obese men and women in our society has nearly doubled in the past fifteen years – with a staggering 50% (and climbing) of the U.S..

Did you know?

The figure for children is much worse at 60 percent and growing much quicker – and a number of other countries (emerging and industrialized alike) aren’t far off these amounts. People that are overweight, including our children, are at greater risk in all the major types of diseases – particularly coronary , adult type diabetes, cancer and arthritis.

With much confusion surrounding diets and’lose weight fast’ programs it is not surprising that many are confused and are turning to simple and effective natural nourishment together with a fantastic supply of and vitamins to encourage weight loss. It’s projected that the failure rate of individuals on all kinds of diets is over 90% – this is quite simply as they’re restrictive – especially of fats – and they leave you feeling hungry.

Another important element is that if you restrict calories, you’re also restricting your nourishment, depleting your immune system and making you more prone to suffer illness:- another reason to add minerals and vitamins to encourage weight loss. A lot of publicity surrounds a range of diets – more recently the Atkins Diet. This diet urges that an intake of greater protein, increased fat and very little .

The point is that the more at you take in, the more effective the body gets in breaking it down. However, while this is pretty near the mark, you also require a source of fresh vegetables and as a source of fiber, nutrition and plant compounds called phyto-nutriuents that are largely undiscovered and play a part in preventing cancer and several diseases – Lycopene is a good example.

The Pritikin diet

It was another popular diet which advised to do the contrary from the Atkins diet – no fat, use margarine, eat very little protein and eat a great deal of carbohydrates from vegetables. It advocated a body and mind approach and people did lose weight – they also suffered a higher rate of cancer in the consumption of damaging fats. This is the reason it’s highly recommended to take in lots of vitamins and minerals to encourage weight loss.

Both diets are at either end of the scale, with Atkins closer to what’s now commonly thought of as the best approach to a healthy weight. To read more about obesity and how to overcome feelings of guilt and restore the balance to your life, then you need to have a look at: ‘Your Fat is Not Your Fault ‘ by Carol Simmontacchi – it is not your fault and you can do something to change it. If you are following a balanced approach to losing weight, I’d recommend:’Weight Success for a Lifetime’ also by Carol Simontacchi.


The researchers use a common sense lifestyle approach to losing weight and more importantly, it is something you can do every day of your life. So What Does Work? A long-term, sustainable, healthful eating and nutritional supplement program – including vitamins and to encourage weight loss – and lifestyle change. The important thing here is to use a balanced approach which has you eating great food, leaves you feeling well nourished and makes sure that you’re also getting adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals to encourage weight loss and sustain your health for the long run.

Most importantly, the weight reduction program needs to be something that’s easy and fun for you to do, daily, for the long run. Weight loss should occur slowly and steadily and you should not lose more than 3-4lbs per week. If you give your body the best number of nutrients through great food and health supplements your body will find its optimum weight.

Take note

  • Green leafy vegetables – as much as you like at each meal.
  • Fresh fruit – at least two serves per day.
  • Protein – a high degree of protein keeps insulin levels low and prevents glucose being stored as fat. Additionally, it contains essential amino acids required for good health. Be sure to don’t overcook your beef. The best sources of protein are meat, fish and soy.
  • Moderate amounts of complex carbohydrates – about three to four functions daily – these include grains, and lots of sorts of vegetables and are a source of good nutrition and fiber. In respect to vegetables generally, a good rule is to select vegetables with vivid colours. Fresh, filtered rather than soft drinks.
  • Caffeine – not very great for healthy weight loss as it increases your rate of loss of essential minerals and will cause a drop in blood glucose and an attack of the’munchies’. Refined sugar and carbohydrates – this will be turned very quickly into fat.
  • Soft drinks and carbonated or carbonated beverages – high in phosphorus and sugar and increase your risk of a range of ailments such as diabetes and obesity and lower your intake of minerals.
  • Fried food and margarine – “bad fats” which damage your cells and increase your risk of disease. Most individuals do the opposite; however, as they say, you should have’breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.’

Let’s understand it

It’s logical really, we ought to take in the majority of our energy at the beginning of the day – so breakfast should be our main meal. You may still have a family dinner in the evenings but it can be only a light, nutritious meal, including a chicken salad or soup that is wholesome, for example. Add small protein foods throughout the day – such as turkey breast, chicken, , cottage cheese and celery, protein shakes – rather Whey Protein containing a fantastic mixture of vitamins and minerals – with a little bit of fruit – when you are feeling hungry.

This approach ensures that you’re receiving adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals to encourage weight loss as part of your strategy. Supplementation with essential nutrients like essential fatty acids, minerals and vitamins to encourage weight loss is essential to your weight loss program. Without adequate nourishment people develop signs of nutritional deficiencies and turn to binge eating or’the munchies’ to attempt to replace the crucial nutrients they’re lacking.


Alcohol – can be a sign of an amino acid deficiency and a blood sugar issue. When you supplement with a fantastic source of nutrition, (like a good and highly absorbable liquid vitamin supplement in addition to other multivitamins, amino acids and essential fatty acids) it makes it much easier to lose weight because the body is no more searching for the’bad stuff’ to satisfy its cravings – letting you drop weight in a natural manner.

Vitamins and minerals to promote weight loss are best obtained from supplements – which are the most bioavailable form of nourishment. To get the most from them it is advised to take them three times daily with meals. Any sort of exercise is great exercise – the main issue is to make it enjoyable, secure, regular and remain with it for the long run! You can walk, run, swim, cycle, dance, salsa, play golf, badminton, bowling.

Get together with friends or form a walking group or community of people that you can exercise with so which you can encourage each other and needless to say, have fun! is a wonderful form of total body training which you could do at home. If you are not used to exercising, or have been hurt or sick then always begin slowly and lightly – within your limits – and slowly build up the space or amount of time you exercise for. A good rule is’little and often’ instead of a enormous exertion infrequently.

Final note

Exercise together with a fantastic eating program and supplementation with minerals and vitamins to encourage weight loss, can help you accomplish your objective of a healthy body also.

Don’t Use Weight Scales! Instead use a measuring tape and after a week step around the neck, upper arms, chest/bust, waist, hips, thighs and calves. This is a far superior way to record your progress. When you begin on your wellbeing program you will lose fat and gain muscle which weighs more – so let the measuring tape tell the story rather than the scales!

Drink Lots of Water – Here’s How It Works. In addition to vitamins and minerals to encourage weight loss – remember to always drink loads of water – perhaps among the easiest, simplest and healthiest way to really lose weight. When you drink a great deal of water – at least 10 glasses every day and double that in case you reside in a hot/humid climate – your body starts to function better. The kidneys work better and if the kidneys are functioning optimally, then the liver also works more efficiently – and among the BIG tasks of the liver is to produce glucose from stored fat. That’s right – drinking more water can help you to lose that fat around the midsection – so what are you waiting for?