The advantages of bovine colostrum and how it may best serve you’re now obvious. Colostrum has been called the guarantee of life. It’s the first fed into the new born, containing all immune and growth factors it has to kick-start life. I’ve been researching bovine colostrum for several years now and have begun to know how much colostrum’s strong properties can support significant immune functions and supply essential cellular nutrition needed by the human body.

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Depuis plusieurs décennies, des études cliniques sont en cours et donnent des résultats contradictoires. La plupart des preuves concernant la diminution des symptômes et la guérison des blessures sont anecdotiques. Alors, que contient le colostrum bovin ?

  • Bovine Colostrum contains many growth factors, such as -like growth factor-1 and two IGF-1 and IGF-2, epithelial growth factor EGF, fibroblast growth factor FGF, platelet-derived growth factor PDGF, and transforming growth factors alpha β TGA-α and TGF-β.
  • Les polypeptides riches en proline (PRP) agissent de manière systémique, en modulant les processus complexes de l'organisme. et sont donc l'ingrédient le plus important du colostrum.
  • La fraction d'immunoglobulines présente dans le colostrum bovin se compose d'environ 70-80% d'IgG, 10-15 % d'IgA, 10-15 % d'IgM, tandis que les IgE et IgD sont présentes en quantités infimes.
  • Colostrum is a blend of vitamins, , and amino acids which are naturally occurring in an ideal mix. Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, and E are present in tiny amounts while traces of the other vitamins, in addition to minerals like , sodium, magnesium and zinc, are also found in colostrum. Although IgF-1 is a banned substance in athletics, there’s absolutely no clinical evidence or that Colostrum acts as an anabolic . Colostrum has been tarnished by false allegations and innuendos of prohibited usage.

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On dit que la supplémentation en colostrum pendant un entraînement intense améliore les performances. La vérité est que l'athlète peut récupérer plus rapidement lorsqu'il/elle choisit le colostrum - le programme d'entraînement peut donc être plus extrême, ce qui favorise l'amélioration des performances. Il n'y a absolument aucune preuve de résidus d'IGF-I trouvés dans les tissus d'athlètes transportant jusqu'à 60 g par jour, mais ces athlètes ont pu récupérer plus rapidement comme le montre ci-dessous l'essai clinique PubMed.

Colostrum supplementation during endurance training improves recovery, but not operation. Let’s look at the benefits of colostrum in regards to health. It maintains good health, it’s an anti-aging agent, it’s an immune system supporter and regulator, it helps with skin fix, it arouses nutrition supporting the creation of within the human body and the list continues. Colostrum can help out with supporting proper immune function and operates at its best when it’s taken orally. Taken orally, the transfer of IgF-I and other nutrients is passed through the esophagus and the GI tract, eventually absorbed by the walls of the gut.