Most of us involved in the area of alternative health have long understood that an acidic body is an un-well body. A change of diet to raw, fresh, natural foods assists along with “” which makes it easier to start the transition from an acid to an alkaline pH. But in recent decades, allopathic medicine has tagged the inflammation and consequent organ system malfunction as an auto-immune system assault on its own host.

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We believe it is time to take a good look at the auto-immune disease concept that insists we are dealing with an out-of-control immune system. Over time, through intuited research, three regions are found where malfunctioning may give the appearance of an auto-immune attack due to the intense acids leaching into the blood which can cause the body to go into a catabolic or breakdown condition. Oddly enough, none of those three regions have anything to do with the immune system.

Houston’s valve damage affects the sphincter muscle at the end of the colon that when malfunctioning blocks very acidic fecal matter from leaving the colon. The resultant rotting waste substances leach their intense acids back into the blood and system. Stressed adrenals, triggered by everyday stresses, residual negative memories, and inherited emotions, ditch quite acidic to the system.


These are the acidic messengers released systemically at the moment the body is affected by trauma (including surgery), or microbial infections. The end result is normally localized inflammation designed to destroy the invader and clean up the residue. But, the inflammatory reaction may never return to balanced pH if the”root cause” is psychological trauma, /medications toxins/or chaotic electrical because most of these are”systemic” instead of “localized”, that is having no particular site of harm for the cytokines to take care of.

It’s clear then that the very effective and ongoing stream of acids which are caused by any one of those last few conditions would defy the most effective all-natural diet even with a great deal of green drinks and zero animal products.

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The end result, according to modern medicine, is “autoimmune disorder” – rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and thyroiditis to mention only a few in an ever expanding list. But what might look like the lengthy and virtually hopeless task of reversing the continuing inflammation of the so-called”auto-intoxication” might not be so hard after all. With the arrival of energy medicine the cleansing of the body at the cellular level is readily accomplished by handling the “root cause”, that activates release. Once this is achieved, the acidic residue can be neutralized allowing the machine to return to normal alkalinity. Finally there may be resolution to this intricate issue of chronic inflammation and pain masquerading as an autoimmune disease.