Le site that comes from your kitchen faucet includes with it a continuous flow of chemical by-products which are known to cause cancer, and reproductive harm. Since the turn of this century chlorine was used to deal with the country’s drinking water, virtually eliminating causing viruses and bacteria. When first used in 1908, it was seen as the ideal therapy, one which kept us free of waterborne illnesses while producing no ill effects on our health.

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So much more is known about contamination nowadays, and the error of our ways is starting to become evident with the rise in cardiovascular disease and cancer related deaths. The issue with chlorine is truly in the by-products, known as organochlorines, created as it mixes with natural materials, like algae, leaves as well as human skin. There are thousands of different chlorine by-products, and very few of these have been studied for safety or are being monitored in our water reserves.

While these by-products do not cause immediate illness, such as typhoid or , they have long term effects that are less easy to research or link to any 1 health ailment. There are lots of types of by-products, the most studied being trihalomethanes (THMs), which occur when chlorine combines with methane. A frequent THM found in water is chloroform, a known carcinogen. As a matter of fact, a high number of THMs are suspected or known carcinogens, but they’re permitted to stay in our water at minimum levels, although research has shown those”minimum” amounts are capable of inducing cancer.


Chlorine and its’ by-products enter the body through ingestion, inhalation and absorption of the skin. It’s theorized that 2/3 of the body’s chlorine by-product intake happens in the shower. When the water is warmed up, the by-products become vaporized and are therefore easily inhaled. The warm water also serves to expand the skin’s pores and allows for easier absorption through the skin. Chlorine by-products don’t break down quickly and are usually stored inside the fatty tissues of the body, where they can change DNA, suppress immune function and interfere with natural cell development.

The by-products also ruin the intestinal flora (“good” bacteria) that protects the body from pathogens and create free radicals that can lead to cancer. Chlorine by-products are attributed to causing several kinds of cancer such as, cancer of the liver, bladder, rectum, and colon. A study at the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Maryland reasoned that,”people living in areas served by chlorinated water have double the chance of contracting cancer,” compared to people who don’t.

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Free radical damage due to chlorinated by-products are linked to disease and (hardening of the arteries). In his book Mega Nutrition, Richard A. Kunin, M.D.. An increasing number of studies also have linked chlorine and chlorine by-products to reproductive harm. In 1998, the California Department of Health conducted a study which established a link between chlorinated drinking water and miscarriage. They found that pregnant women with high exposures to chlorinated drinking water almost doubled their risk of miscarriage from a speed of 9.5% to 16%. Other studies have linked chlorinated drinking water to serious birth defects and low birth weight. Notwithstanding the overwhelming quantity of evidence that chlorine isn’t as secure as once thought, the EPA continues to deny that there’s a causative link between chlorinated water and health effects.

Opponents of chlorine’s use in treating drinking water guess that the EPA’s refusal stems from the sheer cost that it would have to undertake to implement a safer treatment system. In 2002, England started using Ozonation to take care of the nation’s drinking water. The procedure works by adding the exact same kind of ozone that’s found in the air to the nation’s drinking water supply. Once the ozone was inserted, an electric charge is sent through the water, effectively killing all disease causing germs. Ozonation is truly two times as effective as chlorine in removing germs and is chemical free, creating no dangerous by-products. While a couple of cities across the US have started using Ozonation, most are still relying on chlorine to treat their drinking water. Individual ozone water treatment units can be purchased for your home and are relatively inexpensive. Reverse osmosis, micro and distillation filters aren’t effective because they don’t eliminate the damaging by-products of chlorine.