Magnetic Therapy is making a comeback worldwide, companies are selling magnetic underlays for all sizes of beds, and they arrive in Cotton or Genuine Sheeps Wool. There are small sized components, to fit on the wrist, fit on the waistband of underwear, belts to fit around your back, your knees or just about anywhere that you’re very likely to suffer .


Certaines femmes utilisent un aimant qui se fixe à l'avant de la ceinture d'un sous-vêtement, lorsqu'elles souffrent de douleurs menstruelles, et elles jurent que cela soulage la douleur. On dit qu'il s'agit d'une solution de rechange sans médicament pour , migraines and headaches, by sleeping with a magnetic pad at the pillow, it reacts to the Pineal Gland that is in the middle of the brain and reacts to a magnetic field.

Magnetic Therapy, isn’t new, it’s been in existence for approximately 3000, years, it was assumed to have begun at the time in India. The red dot worn by a few Indian women in their forehead, was originally made from a magnetic powder. It had been placed on a important nerve point midway between the two eyes, a place that some think is the third eye, it supposedly calmed down the mind and decreased ce qui permet aux femmes de rester belles.

Magnets work on the circulatory system by making the blood flow faster and at precisely the same time optimizing the bloodstream. This enables the body to eliminate and waste. A range of health problems are often because of a sluggish circulatory system and magnets seem to overcome a good deal of these issues. Science has demonstrated that by putting a magnetic field beside the body, a bioelectric activity happens. At the cellular level, it’s the trace components of and Potassium in the blood which are attracted to the magnetic field resulting in a moderate effect in the blood flow.

A high number of people feel warmth when sleeping on a magnetic underlay, this is very normal, this raises vasculation, oxygenation, balancing of circulation and stimulation of the Lymphatic System. Magnetic Therapy today is used to treat many ailments and debilitating conditions, it’s a Natural Therapy, that has no negative side effects, you should increase your intake of pure water, to assist the toxins and waste flush out of the body, you may feel a little sexy, but if you’re in a cold climate, this is most likely a beneficial side effect.

Note finale

Scientists are researching the treatment and the benefits of treating colds and influenza , reduction of et des problèmes nerveux. Elle a même été tentée sur des personnes présentant des lésions partielles de la moelle épinière. Un certain nombre d'hommes et de femmes célèbres ont recours à la magnétothérapie, notamment des stars d'Hollywood et un ancien président des États-Unis. Les aimants sont devenus un objet de fascination pour le monde médical. Les effets puissants de la guérison par magnétisme sur un grand nombre de patients ont amené certains médecins à reconsidérer la situation. Bien entendu, les aimants eux-mêmes ne guérissent rien ; ils stimulent le corps à se guérir lui-même. Le corps dispose d'un système de guérison naturel, le système immunitaire, mais quand on ne fait pas de mal, pourquoi ne pas donner un petit coup de pouce à ce système ? Le système immunitaire doit mener une bataille importante à notre époque, en combattant les effets des produits chimiques, des pesticides, des gaz herbicides et d'un million d'autres choses que nous mangeons, respirons et buvons quotidiennement.