Le tube digestif joue un rôle très important dans le bien-être d'une personne. Une bonne santé digestive se traduit par de bonnes performances générales. Une mauvaise santé digestive entraîne non seulement un dérèglement des systèmes immunitaire et nerveux, mais aussi des perturbations dans les fonctions hormonales de l'organisme. Le système digestif décompose les aliments que nous mangeons, absorbe les nutriments nécessaires et se débarrasse enfin des déchets.


Cependant, de mauvaises options like alcohol, caffeine etc., damage the gastrointestinal tract resulting in the condition known as”leaky gut”, where the semi-digested foods cross over into the blood flow directly causing bodily injury. Digestive ill-health caused because of leaky gut could be recovered with the support of the four R’s, specifically remove, repair, restore and replace. Include gut-healing foods such as antioxidants, turmeric, etc. in the and avoid any processed foods.


These help to restore the right quantity of bacterial flora in the gut. Replacing the diet with organic salts and digestive enzymes help to market and maintain good intestinal health. Probiotics are the live strains of good bacteria in milk products and yoghurt that alleviate many gastrointestinal problems like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and nausea. They boost the defenses of the body and help to encourage overall digestive health. However, these are delicate strains of bacteria which are readily made ineffective by stomach acids and warmth.

De plus, il est déficient chez les personnes qui ne consomment pas de produits laitiers pour des raisons diététiques ou par dégoût du goût. Les prébiotiques sous forme d'aliments fermentés aident à combler ce manque. Ces fibres végétales exceptionnelles nourrissent les bonnes bactéries qui se trouvent dans le côlon. Ces fibres ne sont pas digérées par l'organisme ; néanmoins, elles favorisent la croissance de bactéries amies dans l'intestin, ce qui entraîne des effets bénéfiques sur la santé digestive.

Many digestive health supplements can be found on the marketplace today that can treat many illnesses of the gut in addition to provide health benefits. Symptoms of like acid reflux and heartburn are being treated with DGL, a particular extract of ginger, since a very long time.

Note finale

Studies indicate that while chamomile is effective in treating a variety of disorders of the digestive tract such as colic, nausea and stomach upset; peppermint oil eases pain and bloating associated with IBS. Ginger is referred to as the stomach comforter because of its broad use in treating stomach aches. Additionally, it alleviates morning sickness during pregnancy. Psyllium behave as fiber for and artichokes relieve stomach upsets. L-, a glutamine supplementhelps in the relief of diarrheal symptoms which may occur because of infections, or anxiety. Mint and enhance and makes the gut smooth. Good quality fish oil in its liquid form builds up and keeps the immune system.