is a disorder that’s peculiar to the individual who acquires it and is considered by dermatologists to be an disorder. Although men who have this generally have red marks on the skin and , the disease isn’t in any way infectious. The condition occurs when the immune system is triggered causing skin cells to replicate in an abnormal rate.


The abnormal growth rate of skin cells combined with specific immune reactions causes the skin which men with psoriasis usually have. Given that, the problem is unique to every person that has it and just genes and immune responses play a role in its occurrence it is therefore impossible for a single individual to move it to another. Psoriasis can occur on any area of the body but is most common on the chest, elbows and knees and on the . Other areas include the palms and soles, genitals and the face.

A frequent indication that the skin condition is psoriasis is that the inflammation and lesions generally occur symmetrically. This implies on similar areas but on the left and right sides of their body. One can determine the condition given your skin’s appearance but a test by a dermatologist is compulsory for positive identification of the problem.

Usually the doctor takes a piece of skin from the affected patients and examines it under a microscope. The condition can’t be identifies through any other method so be careful of doctors who might need you to perform additional tests. This might be a procedure to extort money from you or is a sign they are quacks. Ensure you make an educated choice before consenting to have a blood test or some other test.

Final note

Once a positive diagnosis is given, the physician and the patient embark on variants to find the one which works for the individual. This is because there isn’t singular treatment for the illness. Since it’s unique to each individual that acquires it with respect to triggers, the treatment approaches also differ. The great news is that there are many treatment options available from ointments to . Although the condition has no cure, as soon as you find a treatment option that works, the psoriasis may clear after some time. Once this occurs the patient will be put on a regiment of remedies to stop it being triggered back.