Ah! Did he understand that this is a professional speaker’s favourite question? I clarified, delighted to talk about my enthusiasm with him. I could see John’s smiling eyes in the rearview mirror. Yes, I understood that! John then went on to tell me a somewhat fuzzy version of Norman Cousins beating his threatening illness by watching funny movies.


It was fun to listen to somebody else extol on the advantages of humor-and I was encouraged that the word was getting out to the general public that comedy has practical advantages. As I got out of the car and headed toward my meeting, I thought about what John said. Everyone knows comedy makes us feel better. Everyone knows it is enjoyable. Everyone knows that “it is good for us.”

So making humor component of our everyday repertoire should just be common sense, right? Just because we know something is valuable does not mean we act on that knowledge. Just because you know humor can improve your leadership skills, or provide you a competitive advantage in sales, or increase your does not mean that you are actually experiencing one of these benefits.

Tenga en cuenta

The reality is that the huge majority of individuals allow humor to take place by chance, rather than intentionally. They stumble across something which makes them laugh in the middle of their busy day and hurry on-places to go, people to meet. The fantastic news is when you allow humor occur by chance, it’s still possible to experience some benefits. But when you intentionally employ humor by choice-now you can leverage the benefits and reap enormous rewards. Exercising on an occasional basis is far better than no whatsoever, but you gain the maximum results when you exercise consistently. It’s similar with humor.

When you stumble across comedy sometimes, it can elevate your mood, it may decrease your muscle strain, and it might even boost your a little. But to really build your resilience, enhance your , improve your likability, improve your communication skills, and reap other added benefits, it’s ideal to practice humor consistently-every moment. Let’s say you make a commitment to run a 10K marathon.

Nota final

Would you wait till the day before the race to begin exercising at the gym? Only in the event you would like to set yourself up for a huge neglect! Instead you would workout on a routine basis-increasing your strength and your . Your commitment to conduct the race will be futile if you did not always prepare for it. development specialist Mark Leblanc once explained,”Consistency trumps devotion each time.” If you would like to experience comedy as a competitive edge, then set yourself up to succeed by practicing a little bit of humor everyday. There are a number of ways to practice comedy on a regular basis.

Below are just three ideas. Pick one and practice it consistently over the next 21 days. I promise you you will start to see a difference not only in yourself, but also in those around you.

  • Seek humor from another person. This may be a client, a colleague, a friend or a relative. Ask them to share a joke, a funny story, or an embarrassing moment they could now laugh about.
  • Set a goal to find one humorous incident on your day. This might be something you read, something you hear, or something you experience.
  • Watch one humorous video that tickles your funny bone. This may be a gif in your smartphone, a YouTube clip onto your computer, or a sitcom on your TV. Set yourself apart and ahead of the audience. Give yourself a competitive advantage. Practice comedy not by chance, but by choice-Humor is electricity!