occur because our immune systems have turned on us and have let us down, and what it is truly doing is attacking our own body. Why this happens could be anyone’s guess. The body’s immune system is basically the sentinel using its own white blood cells to produce antibodies. These antibodies sense and will activate a response to a foreign invader.

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This reaction produces an to fight the foreign invader, and is basically an antibody known as,”immunoglobulin E”, (IgeE). When the immune system doesn’t produce enough of the immunoglobulin E, or doesn’t create any to fight the foreign invader, the person will experience many different symptoms; several of these are about the person’s physical and psychological illness. This physical and psychological condition may be acquired during their lifetime or possibly be hereditary in .

The symptoms that the patient will present will largely depend on the sort of allergen they react to, and one or more that their immune system can’t produce the needed antigens to fight these allergens. An example could be diet related. They may be allergic to peanuts, shellfish, milk, milk, glutens, and the list can go on and on include – infinatum. There are two ways to potentially determine the responsible culprit causing their symptoms.


On their own, the individual can go on a strict diet with very few foods to get started. If their symptoms abate, they will need to bring another food and wait to determine if there’s a recurrence of symptoms. If they stay symptom free for the next few days, they’ll add another food for their diet. They will need to keep this regime until they ingest a food that results in a recurrence of symptoms. This will identify at least one of the culprits. The process can be speeded up, if during this abstinence of meals, they’ll try a food that’s a known allergic trigger, like the foods mentioned previously. The house is a veritable trove of causes to the person with an impaired immune system.

They need to contend with dust mites, animal dander, cockroaches, bedbugs, and compounds used for cleaning purposes. Additionally, there are the chemicals in the carpet and the paints and wallpaper on the walls. There are spores which may be found in many houses, because of leaks and the condensation on the pipes inside the walls. We utilize air sprays to freshen the air, another kind of spray to freshen the furniture, the carpeting as well as the clothes we wear.

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Laundry detergents are utilized to wash the we wear and the bedding we sleep on. This list can go on and on, and the person needs a normal immune system to contend with any these probable triggers. Another route to ascertain what causes allergic reactions in these people would be moving to an allergist, a physician who specializes in patients that are prone to allergic reactions. He or she’ll have the patient experience special blood tests and likely many skin scratch tests until the trigger or triggers causing the allergic reactions are found.

Once the trigger or triggers are decided that the physician may begin injections in minute quantities which are gradually increased in an attempt to desensitize the patient to this specific trigger. In many instances there can be several triggers, and shots will be required for each one found. An individual might not be allergic to allergies, but in a vast majority, the allergen could be ecological.

Seasonal allergies

There are seasons, especially spring and summer where environmental allergies run rampant. The blooming of flowers that produce pollens which are in turn carried by the wind causes those allergies. There are lots of unique types of pollens, like weeds, grass, trees, and practically anything that grows. It’s these pollens which are the triggers that cause the symptoms in people with an impaired immune system. Bee bites and stings of other insects can cause an allergic reaction which could prove serious in nature. During a warm and dry spring and summer time, there will occurrences of brush fires which spew and particles of dust carried by winds which are a significant cause for people with breathing issues.

These are the patients with asthma, emphysema, bronchitis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD. The symptoms generally are: itching eyes, sniffles, scratchy throat, running nose, and coughing and mucous buildup. As you can see, the person with allergies faces a daunting task in identifying the cause or triggers that are causing them a lot of distress. Following the regime described above can establish their lifeline in recovering a normal life.

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For the ones that suffer with the spring and summer environmental allergies, allow me to tell you what’s shown helpful for me. I put distilled or some other purified water in a skillet. I include 1/2 tsp of course salt and two drops of apple cider or white vinegar and shake well until the salt is dissolved. I use this option to flush out the nasal passages. There are two ways that I’ve used to do this. The first is a neti type bud, and the second that I use is a huge syringe specifically made for this purpose. Fill the kettle or syringe with the fluid, then tilt your head to one side and flush one nasal passage until the fluid runs from another nasal passage. Repeat this procedure with the other hand. This accomplishes, is any pollens, smoke dust, etc. is flushed out and prevents you from breathing them in, helping to avoid the symptoms that they would cause. This might not cure the illness, but it might prove very beneficial for the individual in reducing their symptoms.