It’d be reasonable to assume that almost everyone on the planet loves sugar and sweet foods. Processed sugar is in many products and is an integral ingredient for baking. It appears that everyone has a sweet tooth for some sugar food in one way or another. Most people know to limit their intake of processed sugar, however, what most people do not understand is that sugar is among the worst components to put into your body.

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The chemical reaction of glucose in the body acts as a poison. Studies indicate that sugar has drug like effects in the body. Processed sugar has many detrimental effects throughout the body and can result in big imbalances in the organ systems. You could say that sugar tends to throw off the homeostatic balance of the entire body by increasing the production of adrenaline by many times. Essentially, sugar stimulates the nervous system by causing a flight or fight reaction.

This is obviously not a healthy procedure. This extreme reaction of the body increases the production of cortisone, which inhibits immune function and may result in other health disorders. The daily consumption of sugar contributes to many other imbalances and malfunctioning of the physiological processes. High sugar consumption contributes to an overly acidic body and in turn will cause the body to strip nutrients from its reservations to counterbalance this effect. This may eventually cause the body to take calcium in the bones and teeth because calcium is the principal mineral used to neutralize high acid in cells.

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Osteoporosis and arthritic conditions could result from this continued procedure. Excess sugar consumption will gradually impact every organ in the body. Primarily, sugar is stored in the liver as sugar. Since the liver’s ability to store sugar in this type is restricted, the liver will begin to expand like a balloon with continued daily sugar consumption. When the livers’ capacity was filled, the excess glycogen (sugar ) is returned to the bloodstream in the kind of fatty acids (fat). The fatty acid chemicals are then taken to different areas of the body and are stored as fat deposits from the buttocks, stomach, breasts and buttocks since these are the most inactive body components.

The use of processed (refined) carbohydrates has exactly the identical impact on the body. Eating foods with refined white flours and other improved products can cause the exact physiological effects. Consuming excess rice, pasta, chips, pretzels, and other high processed carbohydrates may result in fat deposits on the body. Many people don’t understand how eating excess rice or pasta can lead to weight gain because these foods has very minute amounts of calories and fat in them. The actual key is what biological impact does a food consumed in the body.

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When the body parts have become full of fat then finally the excess fatty acid residue will get stored around major organ systems like the kidneys and heart. This contributes to the degeneration of those organs and in turn will cause bad health. This can lead to poor immune response, poor circulation, high blood pressure, and may even impact brain function. Too much sugar consumption provides you a false sense of energy. When you eat a sweet food, your energy will go up, but it only feels your energy is going up.

In actuality, this false energy is your body being stimulated via the flight or fight response that I spoke of earlier. After this response has worn off, your energy levels will come crashing down as many individuals experience every day after they’ve consumed a high sugar food. Most children who have ADD can completely heal themselves by simply removing processed sugars in their diets. Children eat far too many processed sugars. The behaviors and physiological responses that these kids feel will be the flight or fight responses of the nervous systems.

All kinds of processed sugars like nutra sweet, cane juice, syrup, brown sugar, splenda, powdered sugar and many others have the identical impact on the body. The chemical structures of the compounds are extremely harmful to the human body and shouldn’t be consumed on a regular basis.

Fruit sugars

These are extremely healthy for you. The monosaccharides (simple sugars) in these organic foods are in a structure which are advantageous to your cells. Fruit sugar has a much different effect on your body than does sugar. Fruit sugars nourish and energize the body naturally. This is true energy when compared with the false energy one gets from sugars. Your cells need the simple sugars in fruits consistently since they serve to fuel the body with the best materials. Make certain to consistently eat many fruits per day.

I would suggest eating 4 to 5 pieces of fruits every day for better health. What you are about to find is information that’s been known for quite some time by various health organizations. Please take this advice seriously since there are agendas set up to conceal this fact and to use it against you. Aspartame (nutra sweet) is really worse to eat than sugar. This technical name comprises the following brands of sweeteners- (equivalent, nutra sweet, spoonful and equivalent measure).

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Be advised that these chemicals are extremely potent and can result in severe biological effects in the body. To say that they’re poisonous is an understatement. The maker of these compounds knows of the risks in consuming regular quantities of aspartame substances. As I have already stated there’s an agenda for placing these compounds into different products. If you wish to learn the real agenda then research it on your own. I’m not one who tries to prove anything to anybody. I challenge you to do your own research and see if you can prove what I am saying incorrect. In attempting to prove me wrong, you will prove me right.

Aspartame is a volatile substance, meaning that it breaks down very easily under normal storing conditions. Primarily, all aspartame compounds break down into methanol (), which is a known neurotoxin. The methanol in time then will break down into formaldehyde that’s an extremely reactive chemical that’s damaging to the genetics and cells of the human body. This procedure can lead to a range of neurodegenerative diseases such as alzheimers, lupus, multiple sclerosis (MS), and parkinson’s disease.

The methyl alcohol which forms from aspartame is thousands of times more potent than the alcohol found in a standard alcoholic beverage. Reactions to aspartame products include the following: headaches, nausea, , fatigue, heart palpitations, slurred speech, breathing problems, memory loss, seizures and even death. Consuming high levels of aspartame may also raise your cravings for . I explained previously that consuming large levels of empty carbohydrates (refined flours, rice, pasta, chips) will cause weight gain. Primarily, the effects of aspartame compounds in the body appear to change key hormones thus creating imbalances in hormones and blocking other hormone precursors.


So, why haven’t you heard about these risks before today? Obviously, they do not want this secret information to get out to people ears if you know what I mean. Children like to eat sweets on a daily basis. Many of the food products which these kids are consuming have aspartame sweeteners in them. I would advise all parents to get their children from aspartame food items. These foods aren’t healthy for them. There are many healthy choices for any of the items which they enjoy. Email me and I will provide you loads of advice.

Many children are diagnosed with ADD and other mood disorders. Many of these conditions are being classified as hyper, behavioral difficulties and others when in fact these children are being influenced by the foods they consume. Look at a normal kid’s food intake for a normal day and you’ll see that they eat way too much sugar and things with aspartame compounds and other substances in them. This daily ingestion of these sweeteners has a detrimental effect on their nervous system and for that reason becomes expressed as mood disorders and behavioral issues. Take off these kids sugar and these sweeteners and see them improve.

If you or anyone you know is pregnant then I’d say just steer clear of these harmful sweeteners forever. Make certain that you read labels and make it a conscious intent to possess the entire family keep clean of those products. It will help your entire family out I guarantee you. If you’re pregnant and eat aspartame foods you’ll only be hurting the growth of the . Doing this can cause neurological imbalances and other cellular damage. You’re also hurting yourself. It’s not worth the price simply to have your daily diet soda.

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Please educate yourself more on this subject for it can save your health and the baby’s health. If you drink diet soda then are you probably consuming aspartame. Most diet sodas and lots of other drinks are sweetened with one of the aspartame sugar substitutes. Keep Away from ALL PRODUCTS THAT CONTAIN THE VARIOUS FORMS OF ASPARTAME! These include aspartame, nutra sweet, splenda, spoonful, equivalent. Read your labels and throw away all things which have these chemicals in them. Take responsibility for your diet plan. If you decide to continue to eat aspartame after studying this chapter nicely then you’re the one to pay the consequences. ! I know you like sugar and don’t want to give up great tasting foods and drinks.

You don’t need to. There are some terrific natural sugar choices that I feel flavor better than sugar and another noxious substances mentioned earlier. To sweeten your drinks you can use Stevia. Stevia is a natural herb that’s actually hundreds of times sweeter than sugar. It has no fat, carbohydrates or calories and is perfectly acceptable for those who have diabetes, low carb diets and people with candida and other parasitic ailments. Stevia doesn’t cause spikes in blood sugar and has a nourishing effect on the body. It’s been used for centuries among different cultures. You may get stevia at any health food store in the dietary supplement section.

Nota final

There are two products: 1 is a liquid concentrate- I recommend this for sweetening drinks like teas and shakes. Another is a ground up version and can be in powder form. I suggest this for foods like oatmeal or cereal. Agave syrup is an great food product. You will love this sweetener ensured. It’s a compound like honey only that it comes from a cactus plant in the desert. I feel it tastes better than honey and can used on sandwiches, cookies and to sweeten baked goods. Try it and see! You will get this at most health food shops. If they don’t have it then ask them to take it. Rice syrup is also a fantastic sugar substitute.

It may be utilised in a variety of ways and has a nice taste. Date Paste is quite sweet and can be added to baked goods and sandwiches, waffles and biscuits. Concentrates can be used to sweeten baked foods also. Barley Malt Syrup is another terrific alternative. Honey – old time favorite for many, can be used also in a variety of ways from sweetening beverages to sweetening baked goods. Use only organic varieties. I’d say to just get a few of these sweeteners and determine which ones you prefer. They’re all healthy to eat on a daily basis and you’ll feel the difference. You won’t miss regular sugar.

Your body will thank you I guarantee by eating sugars. If you would like some recipes on the best way best to use these sweeteners then let me know through email. There are many reports that say Sweet-N-Low can be carcinogenic when used regularly. I recall when I was a kid I heard that this could be a harmful chemical to the body. The fact of the matter is that Sweet-N-Low isn’t harmful to your body. The chemical structure of the substance doesn’t have any harmful effects to your cells as do the glucose substitutes mentioned previously. I said previously that the important thing of any chemical is the compound structure and its biological consequences once within the body. Sweet-N-Low has no negative effects once within the body. It’s in fact a great substitute for sugar. So there you have it. You now know the facts about sugar and sugar substitutes. Please use this information instantly.