on the other hand aims to maintain homeostasis. In other words, it aims to maintain health on the physical, mental and emotional levels. The principle behind proactive medicine is prevention is much better than cure. In traditional Chinese medicine, as an instance, patients used to go to their physicians while they were healthy and well and they paid the doctor for their solutions, however, if a patient became ill the treatments were liberated.


The premise being that the physician didn’t do his/her job properly and thus the patient become ill. Luckily, this is no longer true, even in China. If one of the physician’s patients died, in spite of the origin, the physician was forced to hand a red lantern in his , which could tell all his patients just how lots of the physician’s patients had died. Boy, talk about needing to be accountable.

Proactive medication includes advising patients about diet, exercise, stress management and lifestyle options. Additionally, it included the use of preventative types of medication, examples include: and massage treatments in addition to Acupuncture, Chinese and western . Each of these types of therapy or medication acknowledges that that there are ways to strengthen the body’s immunity to disease and maintain health and wellbeing.

Beneficios del masaje

The effects of massage by way of instance, have been proven to work on various levels. Physically, massage improves blood and lymph circulation, lowers blood pressure, improves digestive and immune system functioning and raises . Massage also speeds recovery time for athletes and others with injuries, in addition to decreasing pain in several chronic conditions like tension headaches, back problems and arthritis. Psychologically, massage calms the nervous system, reduces stress and boosts energy levels.

Aromatherapy, used as a proactive medication, has similar consequences to massage, with the extra advantage of the therapeutic properties in the vital oils. Additionally, Yoga and Tai Chi, both very famous in the west these days, are forms of proactive medicine, as they plan to establish and maintain the energy balance of the body. Both these kinds of’exercise’ are well documented in helping people to recover and maintain a great level of fitness, flexibility and general health.

Tenga en cuenta

Se han practicado durante miles de años tanto en la India como en China y también han superado la prueba del tiempo en lo que respecta a demostrar su eficacia. Tanto el Tai Chi como el Yoga mejoran el estado físico general, el equilibrio, la coordinación y la resistencia. También se ha demostrado que reducen la presión arterial y el ritmo cardíaco, favorecen la relajación y liberan el estrés y la tensión. Las personas que practican Tai Chi o Yoga con regularidad tienden a tener una buena postura, flexibilidad y amplitud de movimiento, están más alerta mentalmente y más profundamente por la noche.

Some other conditions favorably influenced by Tai Chi and Yoga include: Chronic pain and headaches, arthritis and osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, depression and stress, high blood pressure, asthma, bronchitis, and emphysema, and a lot more. Tai Chi and Yoga thus perform a very important role as proactive medicines, with far-reaching benefits way beyond just physical fitness. Similarly, using relaxation and meditation as proactive medicines should not be underestimated.


En general, la meditación es una experiencia para relajar el cuerpo, aquietar la mente y despertar el alma. Hay varios tipos de meditación, y cada uno tiene procedimientos y habilidades particulares que pueden aprenderse. Los beneficios de la meditación son, en general, bastante extraordinarios. Para muchas personas, los beneficios físicos, emocionales, afectivos y espirituales de la meditación pueden incluir: mayores niveles de vitalidad, creatividad y espontaneidad; reducción de la presión arterial; mejor tolerancia al ejercicio; mayor concentración; disminución de la depresión y la ansiedad; menos antojos de alcohol y cigarrillos; mayor satisfacción laboral y mejores relaciones con otras personas, por mencionar sólo algunos.