There are lots of natural immune boosters. A wholesome diet is perhaps the best one that ought to be adopted by everybody. A wholesome diet will be nutrient dense, obviating the need for . Healthy nutritional supplements, such as natural vitamin C or blue green algae, can help address the brief fall of an unhealthy diet. Echinacea is another well known natural immune booster.

Super foods

Others include super-foods, such as goji berries, mangosteen, raw , acai and others. As a homeopath, I’m often asked if I have a natural immune booster. Because this (understandably) reveals a complete lack of appreciation of what homeopathy is and how it functions, I think this is a fantastic place to tackle it. First of all, lets look at mainstream medication. Medicine views the body as imperfect. It believes that modern medicine can improve on nature.


It views the body as perfect, but there are a variety of factors that have contributed to’blockages’ forming, to use an analogy. These ‘blockages’ stop the immune system from functioning as it’s able to, without them. This very basic difference in approach makes the world of difference to how you’re treated. Medical drugs aim to curb the symptoms. This is the reason you are often told you’ll have to stay on one (or several ) to the rest of your – to always subdue your own body.

In effect, this is immune suppressive as it doesn’t enable the body free expression. Ultimately, of course, this leads to a growing number of issues. In homeopathy, we take very seriously what your body is attempting to tell us. We utilize the signs and symptoms in a distinctive way. With extensive and in depth advice, we have the ability to comprehend and appreciate the entire nature of these. Each theme, if you prefer, which is unique to every individual, will belong to a particular remedy. As long as this was clearly understood by the professional, the remedy will clear the ‘blockages’, so that your immune system is restored to its natural glory, once again. This means, that each and every homeopathic remedy that works for you is a natural immune booster.


The key is that the remedy works for you. There are plenty that can be taken, which will not have any effect on you whatsoever, if the topic of the remedy doesn’t match your theme. Although these’blockages’ may return, every dose of the curative remedy will eliminate them, till they return no more. Then you do not need the remedy. This is the strategy skilled and educated homeopaths aim for, because the potential is so good for you, the individual. Luckily, there are lots of remedies, which have a wide range of action, which have the ability to deal with acute problems more readily. And this is where curative, or acute, or home improvement comes in. This is often the approach used by naturopaths and by GPs using homeopathy.