What’s your biggest regret in life? One thousand two hundred older Americans were asked that question and their response surprised everyone. John is right. Not only does no resuelve nada, la mayoría de nuestras preocupaciones son infundadas. Según los estudios, la mayoría de las cosas que tememos nunca ocurren. El resto podría resolverse fácilmente. Esto significa que las cosas que nos preocupan se deben a nuestra propia de la fatalidad y la pesadumbre.

Factor de estrés

The irony is that “stress” is an intrinsic part of our being human. It’s built into us as a means for survival. Without it, we could never evolve into what we are now. But too much of it’s wasteful and unhealthy. It can make you sick. Except for a few, I’ve experienced all these because I used to worry a lot. In more severe cases, I even thought of suicide. The years have mellowed me down a little bit.

Being old has its own rewards. I still have worries (they never go away) but they’re much less now than a couple of years back. Not only that. Now I can better address them by reciting a mantra I picked somewhere in the Internet. I say it when I awaken in the morning, when I go to bed at night and everywhere in between when I feel worry is creeping up on me. It works. It takes my mind off my and gives me that things will turn out for the best, they always do.

Tenga en cuenta

Pruébalo si eres una persona que se preocupa constantemente. Pero tener un mantra no te sirve de nada si no sabes lo que te preocupa y cómo afrontarlo. La palabra clave es "pensar". , however, teaches that ideas, feelings and feelings are often tricks of a hyperactive mind. If you are concerned about what tomorrow will bring, concentrate on the moment. Live your life to the fullest now. Can any of you by worrying a single hour to your life? Therefore don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.

En lugar de matarte de estrés, entiende exactamente qué es lo que te preocupa y sus consecuencias en caso de que ocurra. Piensa en contingencias únicas para cada resultado probable de lo que te preocupa. Asegúrate de que cubres todas las bases para estar bien preparado en caso de que ocurra. Cuando haya terminado, no pienses en ello. Salga, dé un paseo, vea una película o regálese un gran helado.

Hace unos años, un compañero me dijo que nuestro Director de Recursos Humanos tenía problemas conmigo. Cualquiera que aspire a conseguir un ascenso sabe lo malo que es tener la ira del Director de Recursos Humanos. Cuando me presenté a trabajar al día siguiente, lo primero que hice fue asaltar su despacho y preguntarle a bocajarro por qué le molestaba. Eso le puso a la defensiva. Evadió mi pregunta con una gran cantidad de mentiras, enterrándose en su propia mierda aún más.


What I did, did not make him any better, but it made him realize that I understand his thoughts about me and could treat my career ambitions very carefully. So if you’re worried about someone or something, get in the offensive and discover why. I bet you, you may come out with a massive grin on your face in your audacity, and of knowing that your nervousness is baseless. To this day I could never remember any of my million worries happening. If some did, the consequences weren’t that good to make me lose any .