Mammals have two largely independent immune systems in their own bodies. Although these immune systems do interact, they serve two quite different functions in protecting us against , such as cancer and infectious diseases. Most individuals are usually knowledgeable about the immune system that’s activated by vaccines. This immune reaction is highly specific, but it’s also very slow to react to specific pathogens.


The quicker an immune response can be mounted against a particular pathogen, the more immunological protection it gives. Herein lies the issue. If an individual has never been subjected, by way of instance, to a specific strain, the specific immune response to the could be too slow to protect us against death. This is the reason flu vaccines are changed each year.

The keyword is specificity. Yesterday’s flu virus might not shield us from Bird Flu or a different influenza strain. Yet, there’s another immune system that MAY protect us against All breeds of Flu or other pathogens . Consider It. If we HAD to be vaccinated against all pathogens which we experience, each child over 2 years old would be dead. Every watch a kid eat dirt or stick a dirty object in their mouths? Yet these kids do NOT die.


There’s a reason for this. Our secondary immune system is known as the natural or inherent immune system. It encompasses a broad diversity of cells, including natural killer cells, gamma delta T lymphocytes, neutrophils and macrophages. This system is our first line of immunological defense against cancer, and infectious pathogens. Usually, this immune reaction works just fine. If it did not, nobody would survive childhood. These immune cells aren’t activated by .

They possess the magic ability to recognize and respond to the presence of pathogens, including cancer cells, by non-specific ways. Although we can trigger the genetic immune system by vaccination, can we do the same with the natural or inherent immune reaction? Three decades back, a scientific research published in the prestigious Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences made the information throughout America.


An amino acid that’s 50% of the dry weight of tea leaves, was discovered to prime a significant part of our innate immune system, gamma delta T lymphocytes. Finally, a natural immune enhancer. This guide can be read online if you’re interested. Gamma delta T cells are a unique population of immune cells which increase by 50 fold once we are faced with bacteria, viruses and parasites. Theanine primes these lymphocytes in order that they can immediately respond if faced with a bacterial, viral or fungal . Interestingly, this research shows that drinking back or green tea raises immune reactivity to recall antigens.

Recall antigens are just bacterial, viral or fungal products to which we’ve been previously exposed. In the presence of theanine breakdown products, our immune system rapidly reacts to those pathogens if we strike them . The faster our immune system responds, the more protection it provides us. So drink your tea on a regular basis or take some theanine capsules, sold in food shops. In the previous year, scientists discovered that this exact same population of gamma delta T cells was far more significant for our immunological wellbeing than we previously understood.

Nota final

Gamma delta T cells, once activated or falsified (by theanine?) Can further activate our usual alpha beta T cells, CD4 and CD8 T cells that produce and attack cancer and virally infected cells. These cells act like APC or antigen presenting cells, similar to dendritic cells. This analysis was published in the prestigious journal Science. Previously, nobody has ever connected the activation to our genetic immune response to innate immune responses. This study indicates that both our immune reactions are interrelated. If the gamma delta T cells of our innate immune response can be activated by metabolites of theanine from tea, these cells may further activate our genetic immune response, including the creation of specific antibody and cellular immune responses against cancer cells, virally infected cells and other pathogens. And that ain’t bad! In a world paralyzed by fears of Bird Flu, cancer and other germs, it’s essential that we keep our immune systems primed. So learn how to enjoy tea or take theanine nutritional supplements.