Massage has been used for centuries for comfort and stress relief. Today massage has been proven to have many benefits beyond comfort and stress relief. As part of a comprehensive medical care plan massage can raise well-being, reduce pain, and help cancer patients fight , pain, and muscular pain. There are lots of sort of massage and every offers health benefits.


It is an outstanding treatment for pain. In 2003 a research showed massage functioned better than acupuncture for relief of moderate chronic lower back pain. Patients found a reduced need for pain relievers by 36 per cent with massage. Another study showed individuals who suffer with migraines experienced fewer headaches and they’d better quality of when massage has been used as a .

Patients with knee pain saw an improvement in , knee function, and pain from Swedish massage a couple of times a week. According to the Mayo Clinic, 12 studies were reviewed and these studies found that massage aids to decrease and depression. It was discovered massage lowers the cortisol that may trigger depression and anxiety, while it increased the levels of hormones that help to decrease depression.

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Massage can also help cancer patients when partnered with conventional Western medicine. Massage is considered to help reduce swelling, fatigue, pain, nausea, and depression. It may also help boost the immune system. It’s essential that you partner with your medical care provider when considering massage.

While it’s generally safe for most people, certain people may be at risk for additional injury if the proper kind of massage isn’t administered. For instance if you’re on blood thinners, have a bleeding disorder, open wounds or cuts, , deep vein thrombosis, or sever osteoarthritis you might not be a fantastic candidate for .

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Speak to your healthcare provider about the benefits of massage and see whether they think that it would be a fantastic addition to your therapy. When partnered with conventional medicine and chiropractic treatments massage can have a positive influence on your health. Reduction of pain, depression, anxiety, and a feeling of wellbeing are some of the numerous benefits of massage.