Many people suffer with hidden food sensitivities which may be delayed, lively and frequently unrecognised. Weight gain, IBS, headaches, skin disorders, mood disorder, fog, , muscle cramps and joint pains. The allergies due to these hidden food sensitivities differ from person to person and can enable you to come up with a whole variety of problems, eventually resulting in inflammatory illnesses.

Sistema inmunitario

What is Affecting Your Immune System and Why Does This React This Way? In a healthy body that the small intestine behaves as a specific sieve, allowing nutrients and well digested starches, proteins and digested fats into our blood, while keeping out toxins, microbes and massive molecules. However, the issue arises when we get Increased Intestinal Permeability, otherwise called Leaky Gut Syndrome.

As 70 percent of our immune system can be found around the digestive system, our is affected when the intestinal lining becomes inflamed along with the vital enzymes and secretions necessary for healthy digestion and absorption of nutrients aren’t generated, allowing larger molecules, toxins and germs to maneuver through. What is Leaky Gut and How Does This Affect You? Leaky Gut is a damaged tissue on your intestinal tract causing big spaces to grow between the cells of the gut wall thus allowing germs, food and toxins to flow into the bloodstream.


Las personas sanas tienen sistemas inmunitarios fuertes que controlan la fuga de sustancias venenosas, pero cuando el sistema inmunitario se carga más, las toxinas fluyen hacia el causando que se sobrecargue de trabajo y de trabajo. Un hígado sobrecargado no puede hacer frente a estas toxinas adicionales, por lo que las mantiene en las células del cuerpo, donde son vistas como sustancias extrañas por el sistema inmunológico. El sistema inmunitario ataca estas sustancias extrañas enviando radicales; los oxidantes tóxicos creados por el organismo atacan las células del cuerpo, causando reacciones alérgicas, inflamación y dolor en todo el cuerpo. Si no se trata, un intestino permeable puede acabar provocando daños irreversibles en el tejido articular.

What’s Causing You to Have Leaky Gut? How can Aloe Vera Help Your Leaky Gut? Aloe Vera has consistently demonstrated to be successful for digestive disorders, healing ulcers and internal tissue damage. The Gel found in Aloe Vera has wound-healing results and tends to modulate the many and yeasts that inhabit the gut. It acts as a steroid, but with no side effects and detoxifies the body . There is clinical evidence to demonstrate that ingestion of this gel allows the gut to absorb the nutrients from food better, especially protein. Combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle, Aloe Vera will boost your immune system by regenerating damaged tissue on your gut lining and acting as an outstanding nutritional supplement.