This article will tell you about the best exercises to help you lose weight. You will also learn how to lose weight in as little as two 20-30 minute sessions per week. Are you skeptical that it is possible? I have never been in better form since I started this method – nor have my clients. I’m not only slimmer, but I’m also stronger, fitter, and faster. This is how great this little-known method! Regular gym-goers know there are many ways to increase your metabolism.

Train Weights

Although weight training can increase muscle mass and help you lose fat, not everyone who uses weights does. Traditional weight training methods, such as machine-based, pump classes, or split-body, tend to focus on isolated movements and’single ’ movements. This is fine for muscle-by–muscle strength work and toning, but it is not comprehensive enough to make a significant impact on your waistline. You’ll also find that many people who train this way gain weight because they are ‘social trainers’ and reward them with big sugary drinks or protein shakes.

You can get your post-workout fix and know that your workout will help you fat for at least 48 hours. Multi-joint circuit training sounds great. This is not to be confused with a circuit class at the gym.

Muscle Fiber

This is about big movements that literally BLAST each muscle fiber in your body almost simultaneously, while stimulating both your aerobic and anaerobic cardiovascular systems for maximum fitness. I would even say that a 30-minute session is counterproductive to . This is because your body will be burning muscle and glycogen (ready-energy) at a rapid pace that could cause it to eat muscle for energy.

Instead, focus on quality movement and ‘working out’ every minute of your session to increase your metabolic rate. You’ll soon feel slimmer and more toned. Here are my top multi-joint workouts. I have focused on exercises that are easily found in strength training books or online. These exercises are easy to find online, partly because they are so common that you can quickly look them up if you don’t know what they are. When you look at how these movements work, it’s clear that they involve multiple muscles that are working in conjunction with more than one joint (duh! – I guess that’s what they’re called multijoint).


These exercises are common for weight-training enthusiasts. Have you ever done three, four, or five of these exercises in a row at your normal load and with no ? This is what makes a weights training session different from a weights program. You will need to choose between three to five multi-joint exercises. Each is usually 8-12 reps. If you feel the need to, rest for 60-90 seconds after each exercise and then do it again. This can be repeated 3-5 times. But, don’t stay for more than 30 minutes.

You’ll find it easier to reduce or eliminate the rest of the rounds as your fitness improves. You will feel pain if you don’t have enough weight. You can do it in a positive way. If you aren’t sweating profusely and almost ready to give up by the end of the workout, reduce the rest time or gain weight. You can make it twice as difficult and double the effective. You can either team up with a few friends or form a team and make it a bit more competitive.

Final Tip

You never know, you might get enough people to form a regular group. If you are going to the gym in the next few days, I urge you to make a commitment to yourself to try this. You don’t have to be boring with your exercise routines. This is all about being creative.