You will need to know that each and every year the FDA attempts to determine what strain of the influenza will be widespread during the forthcoming season. By the time they’ve determined the kind of vaccine which will be manufactured, the virus has started to mutate, leaving the people with weakened systems vulnerable to getting the flu or a severe cold.

Viruses that cause flu spread so fast that 30 to 60 million Americans grab it annually and some 36,000 die. It mutates so quickly that nobody actually becomes fully immune. The immune system has no defense to a particular virus or viruses, which have mutated and become more virulent. That’s the reason a lot of people who have received flu shots still deal with the flu. The simple fact is- flu shots might in fact be worthless if the person has a badly impaired immune system. A research conducted by the National Institute of Infectious Diseases found no correlation between increasing vaccination rates after 1980 and declining death rates in any age category.

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Their immune systems are weak or in a weakened state. Individuals with weakened or compromised immune systems aren’t only prone to having a cold or flu, but are seriously at risk for developing , pneumonia, and sinus problems also. Therefore, it’s incumbent upon all to maintain their immune systems in an optimum summit level to guard against invading viruses and bacteria. Basically, it is similar to wearing body armor when in a conflict zone, as we’re surrounded constantly by invading viruses and bacteria seeking to invade our bodies.

How we place this body armor to function is discussed in the tips below. Visiting the toilet, after handling your pets, After using phones or any kind of equipment used by other people, After preparing and handling food, after doing any household chores and cleaning, vacuuming, taking out the garbage, etc., after any gardening or yard work, after purchasing and utilizing a shopping cart, after greeting others by shaking hands, avoid kissing each other when greeting friends.


It’s imperative that you keep your hands away from the eyes, mouth and your face. If at all possible try to steer clear of crowds or gatherings whenever possible. Eating a well balanced diet full of fruits, vegetables and whole grains is very beneficial in maintaining a healthy immune system. Don’t overload your body with excess calories. This not only affects the immune system, but will put on extra weight causing all of your body systems to work harder. Calculating the number of calories you need to consume on a daily basis is easy, simply multiply your weight by 6.7 and then put in 487. Then multiply that amount by 1.6.

Not only will this strengthen your immune system, but in addition it will enhance your . There are a number of foods that will help enhance and maintain the immune system. These in particular are the foods that you will need to improve your diet that will help fortify the immune system. Fish, flax, yogurt, oranges, grapefruit, lemons, limes, cantaloupe, figs, apricots, chilli peppers, blueberries,cherries, sweet potato, yams, red bell peppers, tomato, onion, honey, nuts-all varieties. Additionally it is mandatory that you keep well hydrated during the day.


Drink water and steer clear of colas and other carbonated drinks. Make certain to get enough rest in order to not put undue strain on your immune system. Adding the appropriate nutritional supplements to your diet is essential because most people won’t be getting enough antioxidants like vitamin A, C, E, and beta-carotene in their daily diet. Moreover an herbal supplement can prove to be very helpful in strengthening your immune system.