¿Por qué necesita un sistema inmunológico fuerte? Parece que casi todas las semanas hay un nuevo un germen asesino, un nuevo trastorno anunciado por la OMS o la institución médica. Esto no va a suceder, gente. Claro, es posible que obtengas un alivio temporal. En realidad, puede que incluso pienses que estás bien. Pero, prácticamente puedo garantizar que ese pequeño bicho, o germen, sigue ahí en tu cuerpo en algún lugar, esperando otra oportunidad para salir a la superficie.

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We all are carriers of various diseases and germs. Your body has cancer cells, staph viruses, the influenza virus, and lots of others. The reason they do not bother you is due to your immune system. Here are a few Health Wealth Tips to help improve your immune system. Eat a Good Diet. Avoid processed foods as much as possible. Eat loads of fresh raw veggies and fruits. Eat home grown, organic foods as much as possible. Our food system is so polluted with chemical toxins, most farmlands are bombarded with chemical fertilizers and herbicides that the food has lost much of its nutrient value. Our meat supply is indeed full of hormones and antibiotics which it has influenced the health of our kids. Find a great farmers market or a local farmer that will sell you fresh vegetables and fruits and range fed meats.

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Eat Some Fermented Foods Every Day. Fresh yogurt, kraut, fresh buttermilk will add friendly to your digestive tract. You can find some superb herbal recipes to boost your immune system by looking online or contact me at the link below, and I’d be pleased to forward you a list of my favourite immune boosting recipes and urge some high quality food supplements that you should be taking. Never buy anything that says ‘sugar free’ or ‘fat free’. That is another lie of social advertisements.


Nos hemos convertido en una nación de adictos al sofá, a los canales y a los ordenadores, y no mantenemos la sangre circulando por falta de ejercicio. ¿No es de extrañar que tantos hombres y mujeres estén gordos? No importa el tipo de ejercicio. Sólo hay que hacer algo a diario que mantenga el corazón bombeando fuerte y los pulmones respirando bien.


Get some sunshine every day which you can. No sunglasses, no sunscreen, only a couple minutes of fresh air and sunlight. Your eyes need it. Your skin needs it to convert the cholesterol beneath your skin to Vitamin D. Don’t think the media advertisements about’sunscreens’.


Ben Franklin is credited with saying,’Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.’ There’s a lot of truth in the expression. Two hours of sleep before midnight is worth more that 4 hours after midnight. You body needs the rest to fix itself. If you constantly deprive yourself of proper sleep and rest, you’ll get sick!