Today we are bombarded with advertisements for the latest packed cereal and must-have desserts. We drive to the local takeaway joint and purchase fast food as though it was the natural thing to do. We’ve processed breads and packed cereals for breakfast, artificial flavours and additives for lunch, and frozen foods for dinner full of salt and sugar. And we’ve become conditioned to believe that this is healthy.


La próxima vez que visite su tienda de comestibles, deténgase y considere la disposición. El 90 por ciento de los alimentos disponibles en los pasillos es procesado - en latas, paquetes, tarros, cajas. Tan sólo el 10% son alimentos frescos REALES como la fruta y la verdura. ¿Desde cuándo comer se ha convertido en un experimento científico lleno de sustancias químicas que ni siquiera se pueden reconocer, y mucho menos pronunciar? Por supuesto, la tasa de cáncer está aumentando a un ritmo alarmante. La verdad es que no entendemos exactamente cuáles son las causas principales, que probablemente aprenderemos en los próximos diez años. Pero lo que sí podemos hacer ahora es tomar las mejores decisiones alimentarias posibles.

By keeping an alkaline body we’re halfway towards good health and longevity. In the 1980s, dieticians determined that was evil as well as the notorious diet assortment of products was born. Diet , refrescos dietéticos y diversos productos que llevaban la etiqueta "diet" o "suave". Esto engañó al público en general haciéndole creer que comería menos calorías que las versiones originales, pero lo que realmente ocurría era que los productos estaban cargados de azúcar para potenciar el sabor y sustituir la grasa.


Carbs are what makes you fat, fat doesn’t make you fat. Why? Because the liver can only process so many sugars and the rest has to be kept in the secure fat cells – hence the gain in weight from carbohydrates. Then the hidden artificial sugars introduced in 1980s were similar to stealth ninjas, attacking our systems and messing with our metabolism. The research indicates the obesity rate spikes at an alarming rate from 1980 onwards. Sugar is also a very addictive substance.

Comparado con la cocaína, afecta a las hormonas del hambre tan rápidamente que comer inconscientemente se convierte en la norma. Una vez que el azúcar procesado está en tu sistema, tu sistema automáticamente anhelará carbohidratos procesados. Y lamentablemente las células cancerígenas prosperan con el azúcar y la subsiguiente , en realidad las células cancerosas usando se marchitan en un cuerpo apenas alcalino. Elimine el azúcar y el cáncer luchará por crecer. Alcalinizar el cuerpo aún más y el cáncer puede desaparecer. Usted podría estar empezando a darse cuenta de que el importante vínculo entre el consumo de alimentos procesados y la enfermedad.

¿Qué está pasando?

Have you ever eaten plenty of sweets or chocolate and suddenly become cranky and irritated? Or eaten a lot of starchy carbohydrates like bread and felt like you wanted a rest? Sugars need the body’s metabolism to work hard and quickly impacts our levels and endocrine functionality. The Industrial Age had a lot to answer for. The addition of food processing plants appeared such a benefit in the time but in fact has set us up for illness and disease. Going back to a hunter gatherer’s style of eating is paramount to health and to reclaiming your energy.

Not only does processed foods invitation in illness but in addition, it leaves you lethargic and unmotivated – and poisonous. A very simple trick to alkaline your body is to get a big glass of warm water every morning on rising, with half a fresh lemon squeezed inside. Yes the lemon is the most acidic fruit but it will become pure alkaline once ingested. This sets up your body for a healthy pH balance for the day. Your body’s systems like to function at a joyful 7.2 on the pH scale. You’ll fall into acidity under 7.0 if you’re eating too much animal meat, dairy, processed foods, sugars, alcohol and e incluso cuando se está experimentando un alto estrés vital y se libera una gran cantidad de cortisol, la hormona del estrés, en el cuerpo.


The very best approach to alkaline your body is to up your intake of leafy greens like kale, , celery, cucumber and herbs. Green vegetables are high on the alkalinity scale and naturally are unprocessed in their normal state. Feeding your body high dose greens ensures that your cells are bombarded with nutrients, which obviously curbs cravings for sugars, and raises your immune system. Eating a high number of greens each day can be tough, and if you do not have a juicer or are time poor, think about finding a natural greens powder to supplement by mixing it into a daily greens drink. Feel free to message me to get a brand suggestion if you’re unsure. So in summary, everyone can take steps to correcting an acidic body. Firstly, lower your intake of processed foods. Secondly, add a warm lemon water drink daily. Thirdly, increase the proportion of leafy greens into your diet on a daily basis.