You do not know what a paradigm change is? Back in the 1960’s, Thomas Kuhn wrote a famous book, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions. In it, he ruined the frequent misconception so a lot people have about science. We are inclined to think technological advancement is ushered in by a slow, line upon line, piece by piece growth of over time. The old scientific theorists hold tenaciously to their (usually tenured or rewarding ) positions and array themselves against the new discovery, trying to push it away.

¿Qué está pasando?

But, the new guard – the new discoverers, inventors, explorers- takes the new discoveries and improvements it on the thinking of the old institution. Rarely is that the older guard converted into the new patterns of thinking (new discovery). They simply die off. is on the front edge of such a paradigm change. Diabetes now afflicts over 18 million Americans. That’s double the amount of people with diabetes only since 1991 alone. According to the CDC, one in every three Americans will develop diabetes in their lifetime.

Americans will develop diabetes in their lifetime. It’s estimated over 40 million Americans could be classified as “pre-diabetes” meaning that they have blood levels higher than normal but still under the type 2 diagnosis level which helps to identify diabetes. By anyone’s standard that’s pandemic (goes much beyond epidemic proportions). The price for this carnage is over $132 BILLION DOLLARS.


A manifestation of our civilization. We’re a quick food, sedentary,”get-our-fix-now” generation. Over one in every 2 Americans are . We do not exercise as we ought to. All of which affects glucose levels. Having said that, diabetes is a condition which CAN be turned around. Glyconutrition is the newest discovery vibration the scientific and medical worlds. There are four Nobel Prizes and MIT testifying to how glycobiology is among the 10 technologies/discoveries that will shape our planet.


It is more than only a promising new treatment for diabetes. Many are beginning to whisper “VICTORY” over diabetes in their approach to disease. Whether that’s true, time will tell. The issue isn’t a failure of glyconutrition. It’s the building block VITAL to healthy cellular function and it’s very crucial to the proper performance of this . Those are known truth. Diabetes is an autoimmune disorder meaning, your body’s immune system becomes misguided messages.

Thus, it starts attacking the islet cells in the pancreas that produces insulin. But, the issue is NOT if glyconutrition really works. Anecdotal evidence (market buzz!) Is overwhelming in favor of glyconutritional treatment for diabetes. As is the professional study. NOT the problem. The issue is the old guard again. Thomas Kuhn’s book is almost prophetic. Actually, I wish they had been saying that out loud. The truth is, they simply ignore the issue. You see, too much is at stake. 132 billion dollars.

Nota final

All that money (read,”company”) disappears if glyconutrition proceeds to”pan out” the way in which the research shows us. But, for now, the only thing”panning out” is a diabetes pandemic. Yet, glyconutrition gets shunned as a formal diabetes therapy strategy.