Auto immune disease occurs when the produces antibodies that attack normally occurring elements in the body, as if they were foreign. The destruction of body proteins and cells from the body’s own antibodies triggers inflammation, pain and trauma. Concerning chronic Epstein Barr , one study showed that individuals with the maximum rate of antibodies against EBV, were greater than 30 times more likely to develop MS than those with the lowest level of antibodies.

Auto immunity

It is considered by the medical community for a permanent degenerative disorder. Conventional treatment is directed at minimizing symptoms with anti inflammatory steroids and drugs. The toxic side effects of the drugs can cause additional difficulties and lead to . Fortunately the organic remedies for chronic Epstein Barr and auto immunity may bring relief to symptoms with no nasty side effects of conventional drugs. Natural treatments are directed at controlling chronic EBV, reducing the degree of auto antibodies, quelling inflammation and recovery damaged tissues.

The first step in treating auto immune disease would be to recover optimal and digestive function. Overgrowth of bad in the gut was related to the growth of auto immunity. A herbal gastrointestinal supplement followed by a class of the fantastic acidophillus bacteria is a fantastic start. Adding some digestive enzymes such as pancreatin and Betaine HCl helps by reducing external antigen absorption that’s frequently found in auto resistant patients. Liver detoxification can be performed during or after a bowel cleanse.

There are some outstanding herbal cleansers available through naturopaths, herbalists, stores and pharmacies. A diet for the natural treatment of chronic Epstein Barr virus auto immunity should concentrate on high protein and low foods. Each meal should contain some excellent protein such as fish, free range poultry, lean red meat, eggs, legumes, seeds and nuts or a great protein powder. Plenty of fresh vegetables, salads, low carb fruits should compose the majority of each meal. Along with some anti-inflammatory foods such as turmeric, ginger, , rosemary oil, pineapple and paw paw can minimize tissue discomfort.