Arginine Glutamine is a phrase that’s often found within the fitness community. Unfortunately, the general public knows very little about this supplement, and what it’s for. Can the average person benefit from this supplement? Arginine and Glutamine are two unique types of . Pero suelen consumirse juntos. Como la mayoría de nosotros sabe, los aminoácidos son los componentes básicos de nuestros músculos. Sin ellos, todos nos sentiremos indefensos y débiles.


Los músculos no pueden crecer y repararse sin los niveles adecuados de aminoácidos. Hay 3 grandes ventajas cuando se consumen frecuentemente estos suplementos. 1) Ayuda al crecimiento y la recuperación muscular. Las personas que se interesan seriamente por el fitness consumen mucha glutamina durante los entrenamientos intensivos. . Cuando este aminoácido se reduce, la realización de los mismos movimientos puede provocar daños en las articulaciones y los músculos.

Los culturistas prefieren comer Glutamina más como un plan de prevención de accidentes. Si algo le sucede a las articulaciones, entonces un individuo puede olvidarse de . 2) Proteger las articulaciones. Las articulaciones son tan importantes que los culturistas pueden ser obsesivos a la hora de protegerlas. Las lesiones se producen en las articulaciones cuando los músculos no son lo suficientemente fuertes para soportar las acciones. Por desgracia, esto ocurre con frecuencia, ya que los culturistas suelen levantar pesos más pesados que los que sus músculos pueden soportar para estimular el crecimiento.


To put it differently, they push themselves really hard in the gym. That’s when problems begin to occur. The is usually supported by the muscles. But the muscles aren’t strong enough. So a part of the weight end up being supported by the joints. When joints rub against each other through vigorous exercise, wear and tear occurs. Initially, the issue could be mild, and the bodybuilder does not really feel it. But then the pain begins to get more and more extreme.

Some hardcore bodybuilders even opt to take pain killers so that can continue their workouts. Big mistake! When they find they can not continue , the damage is generally quite severe. Glutamine can help stop the above scenario from playing out. 3) Boosting the immune system. A lot have been cited about bodybuilders up to now. But what about the guy in the road? How can the ordinary consumer benefit from these supplements? The great news is, it’s been clinically demonstrated that consuming an adequate quantity of Glutamine on a daily basis can help boost the immune system.


The supplement can help to prevent loss. And lean muscle is quite important for sustaining the metabolic rate of the human body. If you begin storing fat in your body and fail your muscles, you discover that you grow weak and exposed very fast. Your body becomes vulnerable to all types of ailments, and you fall ill more frequently. But if you treat your body right by exercising regularly, resting well and eating right, you can keep a high degree of . Having a higher metabolic rate will help to fight off diseases.