El interés por los alimentos que combaten el cáncer sigue creciendo. De hecho, en los últimos años se han escrito muchos libros sobre los alimentos contra el cáncer y el uso de una buena nutrición. Se han realizado miles de estudios científicos sobre el tema. Los investigadores han estudiado las dietas típicas de las personas que presentan una baja prevalencia de diferentes tipos de cáncer.

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Most recently, the American Cancer Society has concluded that 14-20% of all cancer deaths in the USA are linked to obesity or excessive weight. About 30 percent of Americans are obese and many are obese. Experts concur that anti cancer foods are foods which are full of anti-oxidants and properties. Chronic is thought to lead to a lot of sorts of cancer, in addition to cardiovascular disease, and recent studies have demonstrated that body fat produces chemicals that cause inflammation.

This study supports the importance of a healthful which contains cancer fighting foods, the majority of which are fruits and veggies, and restricts dietary fats. Additionally, there isn’t any substitute for a regular exercise program for weight loss control. Making drastic changes in your diet can be challenging and frustrating. You will find more success by making little changes over an elongated time period.

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If the cancer fighting foods mentioned here aren’t those that you’re accustomed to eating, consider adding a couple of distinct ones to your diet monthly. Remember to bear in any known allergies. When trying a food or spice you have not eaten before, watch for responses, such as itching, hives or swelling of the mouth and lips. Severe allergic reactions to foods can cause anaphylactic shock, which is life threatening, and those men and women who suffer with allergies or asthma are more at risk and should use care when trying new foods.

In addition, it can be of help to get foods that are grown locally. These are not as likely to trigger allergic reactions. Limiting new foods to one per day can allow you to identify food sensitivities or allergies. Berries are among the most effective anti cancer foods. Blueberries have been shown in animals studies to inibit the creation of an responsible for tumor development.

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  • Se ha demostrado que el arándano inhibe el desarrollo de células cancerosas y leucémicas en el laboratorio.
  • Pomegranates (a part of the berry family) are considered cancer fighting foods due to their influence on breast, breast and skin cancer in laboratory studies. Additionally, pomegranate seeds are organic anti-inflammatories. The aim for an anti-cancer diet is to eat mainly plant foods. It seems that diets which are two-thirds fruits, vegetables, legumes and grains are best.
  • Recommended anti cancer foods are high in B-complex (shown to give protection against cell mutation and reduce risk of pancreatic cancer) and D vitamins (curbs growth of cancer cells, reduces risk of lung and breast cancer). A group of vegetables called cruciferous are high in both B-complex and D vitamins. Examples of cruciferous vegetables include broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, turnip greens, cabbage and kale. In lab studies, these vegetables have been shown to shrink colon and esophageal cancer tumors as well as eating them is thought to decrease the progression of colon polyps (a precursor to colon cancer), even in people that are genetically predisposed to them.
  • La Fundación para la Curación del Cáncer, una organización sin ánimo de lucro que ofrece información sobre terapias complementarias y alternativas desde 1976, añade los siguientes alimentos contra el cáncer: aguacates, higos, semillas de lino, pomelos, uvas rojas, verduras de hoja amarilla y verde, setas, nueces, naranjas, limones, papayas, algas, soja, batatas, tapioca, tomates, sandía y pimientos rojos. Quizá haya notado que la mayoría de los alimentos que combaten el cáncer son especialmente coloridos. Precisamente los fitoquímicos que dan a estas frutas y verduras sus colores brillantes son agentes que combaten el cáncer. De ahí la recomendación de comer un surtido de frutas y verduras de diferentes colores, a diario. El hecho de que aumente la cantidad de frutas y verduras en su dieta no significa necesariamente que tenga que ser sosa.
  • Se ha demostrado que varias especias poseen propiedades antiinflamatorias, anticancerígenas y antiinflamatorias. La curcurmina, el principal ingrediente del curry y utilizado como saborizante en muchos platos indios, es un conocido antiinflamatorio, potencia el sistema inmunitario y se cree que tiene un impacto negativo en todos los tipos de cáncer. El jengibre mata las células cancerosas en las pruebas de laboratorio. El ajo, los chiles, el romero y los jalapeños figuran en las recomendaciones de la Fundación para la Curación del Cáncer sobre alimentos contra el cáncer. Y luego está el mangostán. No asociado con el mango más común y sólo disponible en forma de puré de suplemento para la salud en muchas regiones del mundo, esta fruta del sudeste asiático podría ser el más eficaz de los alimentos que combaten el cáncer.