En esta época del año, muchas personas del hemisferio norte piensan en el calor y el sol del próximo verano en comparación con los resfriados, gripes y otros virus comunes que suelen atacarnos en los meses de invierno, pero para muchos desafortunados, un resfriado de verano puede atacar en cualquier momento, e incluso las gripes no son ajenas a esta época del año.

Opciones saludables

Tener una dieta y un estilo de vida saludables son los mejores métodos posibles para mantener su funcionando con normalidad (si eres una persona sana), pero incluso las mejores defensas pueden volverse vulnerables cuando estamos tired, rundown or overworked. Every second of every dayour bodies are bombarded with potential pathogens (disease-causing organisms or virus particles) which are found upon our skin, in our mouths, within our bodies, in the air we breathe and the que comemos, de hecho, casi todo alrededor, dentro y sobre nosotros.

Afortunadamente, la mayoría de los agentes patógenos que encontramos son incapaces de atacarnos, ya sea porque no son capaces de llegar a la parte del cuerpo donde pueden causar un problema, o porque nuestro sistema inmunológico los neutraliza antes de que hagan algún daño o tengan la capacidad de replicarse hasta alcanzar cifras peligrosas.

Sistema inmunitario

The immune system is in fact an unbelievable thing. Essentially, your immune system’remembers’ experiences with pathogens, so under normal conditions, any single sort of cold or flu virus you’ve previously had may not make you sick again (there are some exceptions but to cover them would take us well beyond the scope of this article). Unfortunately, the viruses which cause colds and flus mutate rapidly. It follows that their methods of attacking and entering your cells are changing all of the time.

Es un poco como un juego continuo del gato y el ratón, junto con tu propio cuerpo golpeando a uno para ser asaltado por un descendiente mutado un par de semanas o meses después. Este continuo y rápido of viruses is why there will probably never be one cure for the , and why pharmaceutical companies and countries’ medical authorities should take (a incredibly educated and exact ) gamble about which strain of will be the dominant one, come the winter season, and spend weeks producing tonnes of vaccine in the hope of protecting the vulnerable from disease.


For the majority of us, colds and flus are a hassle that we may do without. Being sick makes us feel bad, makes us less productive and of course none of us want to pass on an illness into an older, frail or vulnerable individual, for whom a simple cold may become more than an inconvenience. By maintaining a nutritious diet and lifestyle we can keep our immune systems functioning effectively, and make sure that our bodies have the power and resources that they need to fight any infections that may take hold. We could also take supplements which contain antiviral herbs like and Elderberry extract which help optimize and support the immune system, in addition to acting as antibacterial agents.