Each day we are exposed to organisms with the capacity to make us ill, yet we do not fall prey to those”bugs” if our immune system is more powerful than the organism’s destructive potential. If the”bug” is very powerful, or our immune system is compromised, an infection can occur.


Modern medicine has ignored the use of immune function in the equation, focusing more on the nature of the infecting agent, instead of the status of the host and its defensive capability. It’s vital to fortify your immune system to be able to fulfill the challenges which our body experiences on a daily basis. The fantastic thing is that it is still possible to enjoy optimal health as long as you supply your body with the vital tools.

We can practically heal, repair, regenerate, and restore optimum health without using expensive prescription drugs. Naturopathy offers many options for enhancing your immune system through , botanical medicine, acupuncture and lifestyle modification including nutrition and diet.


Among the easiest and simplest way to enhance overall immune function is Echinacea; it’s a unique immune -stimulating capability that offers optimal health benefits. 1 herbal cold and flu treatment and really reduces the severity and duration of , in addition to the common cold. Laboratory testing and human clinical studies with Echinacea provide consistent evidence of its efficacy as an immune system .

When people in your close proximity suffer from colds or other ailments, Echinacea could be utilised as a prophylactic. It stimulates the immune response and has antiviral activities. By taking a fantastic echinecea tincture at the very early stages of infection, a cold or flu can be nipped in the bud or prevented entirely. This requires listening to your body. The initial symptoms are often tautness in the nasal mucous membranes, a scratchy throat and fatigue.

Two to 5ml (1/2-1 teaspoon) of Echinacea tincture ought to be taken every 2 hours for the first day. Reduce the dose to 3 times each day and track your symptoms. If none appear, stop taking it 2-3 times per day for up to 3 weeks, then a break must be taken to break your immune reaction. The body’s immune system reacts best to Echinacea when use is”pulsed”. For optimum support, use daily for up to 4 weeks, discontinue use for 1 week, and then repeat the cycle. All Echinacea products should be used with caution during pregnancy or lactation, when taking immune-suppressant drugs and from anybody with acute to flowers of the daisy family. Consult your healthcare practitioner if are allergic.