Many of my clients talk of getting fatigue, sleeping problems, , and depression. It is said that their head feels 100 decades ahead of the body. Many of these customers have what is called Adrenal Fatigue or in extreme cases, Adrenal Exhaustion. Your adrenals are little Brazil nut dimension glands that are on top of your kidneys.

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They’re, in fact, two quite different glands packaged into one. The middle of the adrenal gland makes adrenaline (epinephrine) and it’s regulated by the autonomic nervous system. The outer portion of your adrenal gland, which is called the cortex, makes many extra important hormones to your entire body.

  • Cortisol: When you’re under stress your adrenal glands increase the making of cortisol to help your body respond to stress. Cortisol does boost your blood glucose, and blood pressure, in addition to reducing your immune reaction. When your cortisol gets reduced; you might have low blood pressure, fatigue, immune deficiency, and a high level of allergies and sensitivities.
  • Dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DHEA-S): DHEA is the most abundant created by the . How DHEA functions in our body isn’t understood fully. When your DHEA levels are low, you may feel pumped out, and believe you have very low energy. DHEA-S does decrease with age, and can drop more quickly with chronic fatigue sufferers. Often bringing your DHEA level to a middle range for a 29 year old can help considerably.
  • Aldosterone: This is the hormone that modulates the balance of and salt in your system. and testosterone: These two hormones are made in substantial amounts by your adrenals. About half the testosterone in a woman’s body is created by her adrenals. Your adrenal gland’s job is to immediately transport all your body’s resources to the “fight or flight” mode. They do so by quickly increasing the making of adrenaline and other hormones.

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When healthy, your adrenals can quickly increase your and blood pressure, and start your body’s energy stores for instant usage. Your perceptions will sharpen, and your body gets very alert. A wholesome stress response is going to have a priority over all your metabolic functions. A wholesome stress response won’t last very long. However, in today’s world, we’ve got lives of constant stress. Over the years, toxins in our air, water and houses, inadequate , all of them create great stress on your body/mind.

With all these challenges, the body will make a demand in your adrenal glands. When cortisol production in your body is functioning normally, it is going to enable your body to satisfy with the challenge of anxiety by converting protein into energy, and helping to release glycogen. Additionally, it will help to reduce inflammation. This procedure will work good for a brief while, however if it proceeds, cortisol will start to wear down your body. A high level of cortisol in your body will wear down bone and muscle. Your body’s ability to heal itself will slow down, in addition to the replacement of cells.


It will take over another biochemicals your body uses to create its other hormones. Adrenal fatigue may also be a factor in fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, premature menopause and other conditions. In my medical intuitive work, the energy pattern that I see with someone that has adrenal fatigue is that of survival, a person who isn’t really connected with their physical life on the Earth. The man or woman is responding as if they are under attack and are leaving their physical body behind.

With intention and concentrated effort, their adrenals can be restored to health. Your first step would be to get a complete physical from your physician. This may rule out any or other factors. Decrease carbohydrates and stimulants on your daily diet. Add at least 800mg of EPA, and 600 mg each day DHA, which are essential fatty acids. Work on lowering your stress.


Walking and being in is always healing. A concentrated energy practice such as Hatha , Tai Chi, or Qigong is quite helpful. Persons with more severe symptoms, such as adrenal fatigue, usually require a more intensive application. These may include phosphorylated serines, low-dose DHEA, ginseng and other nutritional supplements. Each man is unique, and therefore has special needs. Self diagnosing isn’t recommended as it might have adverse side effects. Speak to your doctor, or find the assistance of a medical intuitive.