Anyone can fall ill. Medical science shows natural causes of disease such as genetic predisposition, toxic environments, and microbes. Like the rain and hail, illness can fall on anyone. But what about variables that make us better? What causes healthy recovery and cure? According to a lot of spiritual thinkers, there’s a life force inside the body and mind.

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A universal healing power that can work through people. Hence the old medical adage ‘vis medicatrix natura’, (the healing power of nature). According to this ancient notion, left to themselves, many ailments will run their course and the body will become well naturally. Hippocrates believed that an organism isn’t passive to accidents or disease but rebalances itself to counteract them. Many people, who suffer with chronic persistent conditions, might hotly dispute this mindset.

Nevertheless, it does appear to apply at least to many severe less severe ailments. It’s been long established that a healthy , adequate sleep and bodily , reinforce our defences against bodily illness. The body sets up a procedure to repel the virus or bacterial invader and, after sickness, recovery can place in. Medicine along with other remedies can help this procedure. Orthodox physicians use surgery and pills to deal with the body directly.

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All healers in encourage victims to produce a conscious act of turning towards, what they view as, a natural healing energy in life, that can restore the body. Healers may use ‘laying-on-of-hands’ or working just above the surface of the body to trigger this natural healing force. The state of illness isn’t seen as a malady but an attempt of the body to overcome a disturbed balance. Conventional science still regards the power of the work of healers as unproven.

However, a whole lot of sound research using controlled studies has accumulated. Sometimes healers fail but this may also be true of any medical treatment. For many observers who’ve looked more closely at the signs, results support the reality of spiritual healing beyond reasonable doubt, e.g. causing improvements in enzyme levels, fungal growth, rate of wound healing.

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Sceptics claim that frequently benefits are the result of the so-called placebo effect. However, according to psychologist Dr Daniel Benor, that has examined the research findings, spiritual healing can happen when emotional factors, which might manifest as the placebo response, have been removed or allowed for in the analysis. According to religious philosopher Emanuel Swedenborg, there’s a general influx of the energy of recovery into character from its divine creative Source.

I would suggest that this is shown for example by the naturally occurring healing of skin that is moisturizing, and healing from the common cold. However, we could unwittingly inhibit this flow of healing energy by creating disease in our own bodies by making wrong decisions in life. We make ourselves at risk of disease if we don’t wash, live in unsanitary conditions, have a completely , smoke, drink immoderate quantities of or consume food to excess. Likewise, emotional lowers the body’s ability to resist illness.

The purpose of conventional medical treatment appears to be to remove whatever blocks the ability of healing. One example is that the surgeon’s ability in eliminating disorderly obstructions within the body. Another is the emotional therapist’s help to the individual to find and deal with the emotional turmoil which had caused ulcers or high blood pressure. Take away the emotional problem and the body will heal itself. Another block to recovery is to do with a feeling of isolation from the heart of life. Instead, a walk in nature, losing oneself in music, gazing at works of art – have triggered positive emotions boosting our immune system.


Some healers use guided visualisation. Those patients who regularly practise it, show lowered heart rate and blood pressure. These changes can persist over the long run and have beneficial effects on health. Is this because the technique induces a higher state of consciousness and so openness to healing? One block to recovery is that the so-called ‘second arrow’ known in Buddhism. Getting upset, stressed and feeling distraught often go to people who have persistent . Craving for relief and distraction from the pain begins to fill their thoughts.

Recognised teachers of Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) use this method of meditation, to not remove pain however, to educate a new way of relating to pain. To decrease the appreciable level of anxiety with which many people usually respond to pain. We feel calmer during meditation once we learn to fail alarming thoughts and deflecting worries. Practitioners report an increased ability to dis-identify with the disharmony one experiences both inside and about oneself. This results in a sustained meditation practice.


From a spiritual standpoint, healing is hindered if people of religion neglect to open their hearts to the presence of the idea of the Divine Being perhaps an imagined sacred face of compassion. I don’t think God miraculously heals everybody’s diseases, however genuine their religion or how sincere their prayers. What’s provided for us might not be what we request. Butif we open ourselves to the Divine, in an attitude of humility and respect, then we experience a profound sense of feeling accepted. I can’t prove this, but I’d say in this way we can be given a therapeutic presence into our bodies and minds.