It’s common for you to feel in their stomach area particularly if one overeats or if one is hungry; however, persistent pain perhaps a symptom of a significant issue. Symptoms: Pain that lasts for many days and is continuous especially in the lower left side of the patient’s stomach is one of those signs that you might have this condition.

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Besides the constant pain, an individual would also experience nausea, , a feeling of tenderness in the abdomen area and, with a few patients; nausea could be experienced rather than . Causes: Patients who are diagnosed with diverticulosis will probably lead to having grown diverticulitis. A patient is said to have diverticulosis when balloon like sacs or diverticula appear in the patient’s large intestine. These sacs can develop anywhere in the large intestine but are commonly found in the sigmoid colon; dimensions may vary from 1/10 to 6 inches.

The origin of the diverticulosis isn’t exactly known but many claim it is a consequence of lack of fiber in the . When one or more of the sacs become inflamed, a patient is said to have diverticulitis. When a little hole develops in the diverticulum, from the gut are released and people with low may run the risk of colon .


Among the complications of being diagnosed with diverticulitis is the chance of the diverticula rupturing. When the sacs rupture, bacteria and blood within the gut will spill through the body causing und of neighboring organ(s). If the problem weren’t addressed, this could result to the muscle thickening and scarring that could narrow the passageway from the gut space and lead to stool blockage.


For individuals with mild diverticulitis, a change in diet can help decrease the symptoms. Choosing a diet with low fiber accompanied by prescribed drugs can help alleviate the problem. A colonoscopy may be required to look at the colon area, and, a high fiber diet is advised. For patients with complex issues, they might be asked to undertake treatments like especially if complications such as bowel obstruction, perforation or abscess is present.