Mushrooms are an amazing, and often overlooked, dietary necessary. They enhance the flavors of foods, and provide a range of health benefits from reduction of tumor size (and a few claim cure cancer entirely ), to controlling the immune system, to adding essential vitamins and nutrients into the diet. They’re low in calories, easy to prepare and flexible enough to go into almost any dish you can imagine.


Das größte Gesundheitsproblem, das die meisten Menschen haben, ist Krebs. Bei einem von zwei Menschen in Nordamerika wird zu Lebzeiten Krebs diagnostiziert. Das ist eine RIESIGE Zahl. Interessant für uns ist, dass wir diese Zahlen durch unsere Ernährung beeinflussen können. Krebszellen treten in unserem Körper ständig auf. Wenn wir gesund sind, arbeiten unser Immunsystem und andere Systeme im Körper daran, die Krebszellen zu zerstören.

It’s only when our is reduced, our bodies are busy dealing with another threat, or the immune system is so completely overwhelmed with the task of destroying toxins and fending off viruses which illness takes hold. In the case of cancer, left unattended, it is going to grow and spread until finally it’s fully taken over and the body dies. Cancer is only one concern though.

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Many individuals often have cold and viruses that cause a temporary illness, and some people, exposed to the same virus will not become ill. Some people have an out of control, over active immune system. These people wind up with , rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, chemical sensitivities or other autoimmune diseases.


These will help keep your immune system functioning properly so such issues of sickness hat plague others do not need to bother you. So how can you eat mushrooms daily? Don’t you get tired of them? Mushrooms are so flexible that you could brew them as a tea, or broth, cut on salads, or sauteed with onions as a side dish. You can purchase dried mushrooms and rehydrate them with water, broth, green tea, vegetable or vegetable juices or wine and use them in practically any sort of dish you can imagine. Following are only a small few of the most well known and how they can help in your goal of optimum health.


The famed shiitake mushroom had a polysaccharide called lentinan. Lentinan has been isolated from the mushroom and is employed as an anti-cancer medication in Japan. Lentinan also boosts immune system allowing it to fight off flu and cold viruses, over come disease, and even boosts the immune profile of a patient with HIV. Other compounds in the shiitake mushroom have been demonstrated to reduce blood cholesterol. Yet another chemical in this Asian shrub, L-ergothioneine, is a really powerful anti-oxidant. ABM (agaricus blazei murill) – The ABM is full of fiber and minerals, and contains vitamins and amino acids. It helps diabetics control , lowers cholesterol, reduces stress, prevents ulcers, and helps prevent osteoporosis. Additionally, it promotes immune function and is a highly effective anti-tumor food, assisting beat back cancer.


is particularly valuable in lung disorders since it helps to strengthen the lungs, and assist breathing in asthma and pneumonia. Reishi also is packed with anti-oxidants, fiber, selenium. It fights off viruses, relieves inflammation, aids with allergies, and is antibacterial. It’s also is a potent anti-cancer agent. Also, Ling Zhi-8, a das aus diesem Pilz isoliert wurde, hilft, das Risiko einer Transplantatabstoßung zu verringern.


Der Maitake, auch "Henne des Waldes" genannt, ist ein weiterer hochwirksamer Krebshemmer und Tumorunterdrücker. Außerdem senkt er den Blutzuckerspiegel bei Diabetikern und hilft, den Cholesterinspiegel und den Blutdruck zu senken. Er hat antibakterielle Eigenschaften und stärkt das Immunsystem, was zur Abwehr von Virusinfektionen beiträgt.


As with all of the mushrooms, chaga helps regulate the immune system. Additionally, it helps with detoxification, stimulates the central , and enhances elasticity and youthfulness of the skin.


The protein quality of the oyster is almost that of animal protein, which makes it a terrific meat substitute for vegetarians. It contains fiber, vitamins B1 and 2, minerals and iron in addition to being a powerful anti-oxidant. Additionally it is a strong anti-tumor agent, also contains anti-viral and anti-biotic properties in addition to reducing cholesterol. These are just 6 of over 300 medicinal mushrooms out there. Most are readily accessible North America at local grocery stores. Keep cancer and other illnesses at bay. Eat some of those mushrooms daily.