Warts are deformed growths which occur on the skin. They are mostly caused by HPV (human papilloma Virus). Some other cases of warts are from contacts with an infected person on weak, sore or exposed regions of the skin. Warts can occur to anyone, but some people are more prone to it than others. Children and teens are more prone to the due to their weakened .


There are lots of types of warts, each with their distinctive shape, effects and place on the body. Some popular ones include common warts that mostly occurs on the palms, plantar warts that occur on the soles of their feet, flat warts that occur on the face, arms, and thighs, genital warts that especially grow on and around the genitals and periungual warts that are located under and around the toenails and fingernails.

More often than not, warts go away by themselves. But there are a few that linger on for extended periods. They keep spreading, get worse and progress to complicated levels. There are lots of treatment options for warts, which range from surgery to over-the-counter drugs and . While surgical procedures are fast and powerful, they’re also known to be somewhat invasive, expensive and complex.

Home remedies

Most men and women try home remedies such as crushing vitamin C into a paste and rubbing it all over the warts, or rubbing the juice of pineapples and . While this might work for a few individuals, it can’t be used in the treatment of extreme cases of warts, particularly genital warts.

But most warts, particularly genital warts, have the propensity to re-occur. Genital warts usually return mainly because there’s no specific cure for the virus that causes them. And it’s extremely tricky to control warts in a moist environment such as the genitals. When it comes to genital warts, it is much better to consult expert help from a doctor. But for less malignant warts such as plantar and common warts, milder remedies would do just fine.

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Warts are primarily brought on by a virus, so to eliminate them permanently, you may need to boost your body’s ability to fight them. Most of us have observed that warts re-occur when they aren’t eating correctly nor getting enough sleep, or when they’re constantly worn-out out or ill. So while using any remedy for warts, getting adequate sleep and eating properly are measures that would boost your immune system to completely fight against the virus. Foods that have immune boosters’ like vitamin C, C, olive oil, , elderberry etc., should be added to foods to kick up the immune system.

Also, exercising regularly keeps your body and immune system active and powerful. This reduces the risks of warts re-developing. If you stay around people with warts, then make them treat theirs at exactly the exact same time you treat yours. This is because warts are extremely communicable and may spread back to you upon contact with them just as easily, even after recent therapy. Most warts can be treated using routine standard therapy, others need intense surgical techniques. The key though to eliminating warts and ensuring they stay out is to boost your immune system every day with healthful foods, good rest, and regular exercises, no matter the wart removal method you choose to use.