Mainstream experts have estimated that around 40 percent of all cancer could be prevented with more immunizations against diseases that increase cancer risks and wholesome changes in lifestyle and diet. Many natural health experts think that the figure might be closer to 90 percent and may be attained without the widespread immunizations called for by mainstream medicine – and point out that immunizations are themselves risk factors for cancer.


Toxins and illness, especially viral illnesses, often lead to prolonged inflammation that results in a mobile defensive response that ends up leading to cancer. Exposure to various kinds of radiation can also cause cancer. Avoiding those causes of cancer and taking steps to prevent them from causing cancer are the keys to preventing cancer. The immune system is our first line against and cancer, including illness that contributes to cancer. In order for any illness to get a foothold, it must first conquer the immune system.

Consequently, it would seem obvious that building and maintaining a healthy and powerful immune system could be an essential first step in preventing cancer. Avoiding the toxins from our air, food and water supply is another essential for preventing cancer and a third person is preventing radiation. So as to construct a healthy immune system and prevent , an individual needs to first build a healthy base.

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Keys to building a healthy base are substituting bad health habits like smoking and a sedentary lifestyle with great ones and ensuring that one gets all of the nutrition required for optimum health. For a lot of us, that means changing our diets from the unhealthy SADS diets of most Americans to one which buys the junk food and dangerous processed foods to a diet which includes mostly raw and mostly organic fruits and vegetables, in addition to healthy seeds.

The healthiest includes loads of omega-3s, adequate iodine and other essentials, a minimum of processed and GMO foods, and smallish pieces of meat. Meat should be cold water fish or tiny portions of organic free range meats which haven’t been subject to nourish great deal practices since feedlot meats will likely contain antibiotics and growth hormones which may promote cancer.

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Processed meats are the unhealthiest of all. It’s practically impossible to get even the minimal RDA of essential nutrients from diet alone, much less the optimal daily amounts required for the ideal health. Sadly, the majority of us are deficient in numerous nutrients thanks not only to our diets but also to our over-farmed lands, cold storage foods and produce on our grocers shelves which have had much of their nourishment processed out.

Therefore, supplementation with specific nutrients, a fantastic whole foods derived nutrient mix, and/or a decent superfoods powder might be required to help achieve optimal health and immune systems. Other important factors for building a healthy base include living an active lifestyle, getting tons of life giving sun and removal of pesticides, herbicides, and other common household substances not found in nature.

The above suggestions will go a long way towards prevent cancer. Others, like people that have a family history of cancer and people who have experienced a viral illness or other disease which associated with higher cancer risk, might want to go even further. In the concluding part of the series, we’ll have a look at additional measures someone can take to provide them the maximum protection against cancer and why immunizations might not be the answer we have been told to think.

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While the majority of individuals can greatly reduce their odds of getting cancer with healthy changes in lifestyle and diet, others with greater cancer risk factors might wish to take additional actions to get the maximum chances. People at higher risk include those who have had cancer before, people who have a family history cancer, those who have been subjected to bacterial and viral infections associated with cancer and those who were exposed to cancer causing toxins like pesticides, asbestos and heavy metals.

People who have had cancer before are mathematically at higher risk of having the identical cancer recurrence or else acquiring another kind of cancer. Those who have families with a history of cancer might be genetically predisposed to have a greater risk of getting the very same cancers themselves. Likewise, similar family diets and lifestyles may play a leading role to cancers becoming more prevalent in families with a history of cancer. One area that may provide increased cancer defense is diet.

Along with eating a wholesome diet, include extra portions of some of the greatest natural cancer fighting foods, such as dark grapes (which comprise known resveratrol), nuts like raw walnuts and almonds, and cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower. People with concerns about pancreatic cancer should contain sources of additional fiber, like apples – that have also proven to be valuable in preventing breast cancer. Another important area is supplementation.


Supplements which boost the immune system are particularly important, since cancer must first conquer the immune system to get a foothold in the first location. Some of the very best immune boosters include: oleander, echinacea, pau d’arco, suma, astralagus and medicinal mushrooms. People who’ve been exposed to viruses might also want to think about organic anti-virals, such as garlic, olive leaf extract and oil of wild mountain oregano. Some supplements have been linked with both basic cancer protection in addition to protection against specific types of cancer.

For instance, the aforementioned oleander, digestive enzymes and blackseed oil (Nigella sativa) are good cancer preventives and are three of the few things known to be effective against pancreatic cancer. D3 has been shown to be particularly effective against preventing breast cancer in addition to colorectal cancers and, regardless of the health scares about sun, melanoma and other cancers. Iodine has additionally been shown to protect against breast cancer, particularly when combined with its significant co-factor selenium (the best cancer fighting form of selenium is methylselenocysteine).

Curcumin protects against a broad array of cancers such as pancreatic and cancers. Studies have found that curcumin may have quite the protective advantage for people with a history of smoking. Needless to say, that is no excuse to continue smoking as smoking is among the greatest of all risk factors for cancer. Mainstream medicine recommends more immunizations to reduce cancers; nevertheless, cancers which are considered due to viral diseases are much greater in developing third world countries (26% compared to 8% in developed countries).


Besides lack of immunizations, such states can also be marked by poverty and lacks of sanitation and potable water, access to health care and nutrition. Many believe that improving these areas would have a far greater positive effect than merely increasing immunizations. Vaccines themselves may be quite a significant risk factor for cancer. There’s been a dearth of research on vaccination safety, either separately or in combination. What’s known is that vaccinations have a number of known and suspected carcinogens and other mutagens which are known to cause abnormal cell growth.