You may create trillions of within a month when you choose glyconutrients each single day, if each cell is coated with them. The price tag? Between $60 – $200 per month depending upon your body’s health/toxic over-load, & history of nutrient deficiencies. On the other hand stem-cell transplant may cost $150,000 per year, & some people receiving stem cell transplant wind up with fungal/ infections from a hospital stay.

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Transplanted stem cells have caused tumors & horrible health issues for the receiver. The generating of stem cells from taking glyconutrients is automatically recognized as self, pure & simple. What Are Stem Cells? Stem cells are not “completed” or portion of a tissue or organ, but have the capability to create into any other cell in the body.

Glyconutrients offer the ability for cells to comprehend where the body needs help, to transfer the info, & to create stem cells to repair or replace damaged cells. On Feb. 19, 2003 the Journal of American Medical Ass’n (JAMA) reported that donor stem cells crossed the blood brain barrier and became neurons in the receiver’s brain. A physician in Texas, H. Reginald McDaniel includes a science group that noticed many unexplainable FUNCTIONS being restored into the central nervous system, pancreas cells, kidney, lung, and heart, after being given glyconutrients during a long time period.

They’ve seen changes in people of all ages, including babies, children, teens, adults, and some quite elderly, who have been considered to be in irreversible health scenarios. They also give other core nutrients to assist all body systems to be self-healing. The JAMA report clarifies these clinically hopeless changes Dr. McDaniel’s team found in themselves, their patients, & noticed from several reports by people they did not understand were taking supplements.


Auto-immune disorders, psychological disorders like’hearing voices & melancholy, allergies/; heart disease, , loss/lean-to-fat ratio. It’s now out of compliance due to legal red tape. Hopefully we’ll soon have the ability to discuss the diseases which have been reversed. IBS, & generally increases allergic reactions sooner or later. Glyconutrients help protect cells from bacteria & viruses. These critical nutrients are almost gone from our food chain. Over the past 100 years commercial farming has taken over family- grown gardens. Humus is the foundation for soil life. Synthetic fertilizers & pesticides/herbicides kill vital micro-organisms and also the soil’s health. And many fruits & vegetables are harvested green. Or called formaldehyde & benzene. Only the body completely knows how to create them. Credits for physicians & other health professionals. George V. Dubouch, Ph.D..