Your body adapts to your workouts and caloric intake when you reach a plateau in your efforts. Your body is smart and adapting to your fat loss efforts. It is losing fat and panicking to keep what it has left. It’s similar to when people who swim continue to swim more laps, believing that this is a good thing because they are improving their conditioning. Your body is actually burning less calories every time you improve your conditioning. Your body will burn more calories if your and muscles work harder than you do at rest. Imagine spinning a top as your . It is important to spin it hard so that it continues to spin by itself when you let it go.

Take Note

You will need to crank it up and cause a metabolic disruption in your body to continue losing fat. Variety is the best thing about life, both inside and outside the gym. Your mental and will improve if you are constantly challenging yourself. It is obvious that if you get bored with your current routine, it will not work. So don’t let your workouts get stale!

  • You can change up the weight training exercises to include new or different exercises. You can use different rep ranges, different angles, and shorter rest periods.
  • For cardio, stop slaving on the treadmill and start using bodyweight exercises and dumbbell or barbell complexes. This allows you to superset without stopping at any one . You will burn a lot of calories quickly by using all your major muscles and increasing your .
  • As for your diet plan, don’t drop your calories too low, too fast. This is a sure-fire way to lose muscle mass and slow down your metabolism. To make sure you aren’t consuming hidden calories, take a look at your diet for a few days.

Basic Biology

Basic biology is not something you can manipulate. You will lose weight if you burn more calories than you take in. For quick fat loss, eat only starchy carbs such as oatmeal, breads, and within 2 hours of your workout. Eat only fruits and vegetables for energy and fiber rich carbs for the rest of your meals and snacks. You can lose that frustrating fat by making a few diet changes and incorporating more variety and intensity to your weight loss program.