Ganz einfach, Ihr ist die vorderste Verteidigungslinie gegen alle Eindringlinge, um Sie gesund zu halten. Diese bilden zusammen eine Gruppe von Antigenen. Die Antwort auf diese Eindringlinge wird als Antigenreaktion bezeichnet. Das Wort kommt von der Bildung von Antikörpern, die diese Eindringlinge abwehren. Dieses ausgeklügelte System besteht aus Proteinen, Zellen, Organen und Zellen. Sie alle arbeiten in einem ausgeklügelten Netz von Partnerschaften zusammen, um ein einziges Ziel zu erreichen: Ihre Gesundheit zu erhalten.

Fangen wir an

Der Einfachheit halber bezeichnen wir alle Eindringlinge als "die Bösen". Die Zellen und Zellen, die normal und gesund sind und zu unserem "Selbst" gehören, sind "die Guten". Zu jeder Zeit haben wir eine Menge dieser fremden Eindringlinge in unserem Körper. Und wir nehmen ständig neue "Bösewichte" durch unseren Körper auf. , water and air. This defensive system has a tall order to fill, and a healthy immune system never takes a break. To operate properly, it needs to have the ability to choose whether or not what enters your system is a great guy or a bad guy. In a properly functioning immune system, the friends and foes are identified correctly.

Um die Sache noch komplizierter zu machen, können sich Krankheitserreger oder "Bösewichte" schnell anpassen und verändern, indem sie dieses System täuschen oder austricksen, damit es sie akzeptiert - und Sie können krank werden. Es herrscht also Krieg zwischen den Guten und den Bösen! Wenn ein Krankheitserreger ins Blut gelangt, kommt es zu einer Immunreaktion. Die weißen Blutkörperchen verschlingen die Erreger und fressen sie auf. Die kleineren Lymphozyten müssen etwas schlauer sein - sie müssen eine besondere Abwehr auf sie einstellen.


The B Cells identify pathogens as bad guys, then the Killer-T cells kill them. Helper-T cells help out, and when the carnage is over, suppressor T-Cells turn off the immune reaction. In regards to immunity, there’s a delicate balance to be maintained. If the immune system is too weak, known as Immunodeficiency, or too powerful, as in auto-immune ailments, problems can result. Immunodeficiency occurs when a individual’s immune system isn’t strong enough to fight off disease.

Zu den bekanntesten Beispielen für Immundefekte gehören . By comparison, an overactive system is known as an auto immune disease or autoimmunity. Here, the normal cells and cells are identified as enemies, and then the killers (T-cells) and eaters ( White Blood Cells) go in and ruin this healthy tissue. Some examples of autoimmune disorders are Rheumatoid Arthritis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lou Gehrig’s Disease, and Lupus. The immune system you’re born with is known as your . What we do to improve our immunity to disease, is part of what’s known as our adaptive immune system.

Adaptive Immunität

An example of adaptive immunity is getting a vaccination, so that your body builds up a defense or antibodies to the vaccine. Because of this, if and when you’re exposed to the virus which was from the vaccine, your immune system will fight off it and you won’t get ill. This way your immune system has . The analysis of all aspects of this and how it relates to human health is known as immunology. This is an ever growing area, and with complexities which are continually uncovered daily we learn more about how we can protect ourselves and our health through improved comprehension of our immune system, both innate and adaptive.

Genes play their role, and we can finish up. This is our front line of defense against all foreign invaders, so we can surely strengthen our army of great men to keep out the bad guys. In order to do so, it’s important to exercise regularly, eat well, get regular rest, keep a weight, and nutritional supplement with what’s missing. Additionally it is important to prevent eating toxins wherever possible, and in which it’s not feasible, to remove them as soon as they’re ingested. And it goes without saying that smoking, alcohol abuse, and improper medication use will do damage to this intricate system also. Often, when our resistance is down and we get sick, we go to the physician. At this time the method is reactive.


We’re finding more and better ways today to be pro-active, and to protect against this in the first place by quitting the invaders in their own tracks. This is accomplished by building a very strong shield – a healthier immune system. has been shown to maximize the adaptive immune system, and therefore it’s quite important to boost glutathione levels so as to keep healthy and ward off disease. Glutathione is a balancer, so if you’re immuno-deficient, you’ll get stronger. If you have an autoimmune disease, glutathione will re-balance it. It “knows” what to do, and gets busy doing it. Our immune system is quite complicated, and requires very precise interaction and raw materials to do its’ job well. We can do our part to maintain ours strong by eating well, resting, exercising, and optimizing it by increasing our glutathione levels. So keep your immune system strong by preventing disease before it strikes. You’ll be happy and healthy consequently!