I never saw it coming. The process began with a little, but painful feeling right in the center of my right butt-cheek. A very annoying problem since I am a writer squirming around as I try to fill up empty screens . In the beginning, I downplayed it as just some dumb little irritation that would go away when it came. Being a diabetic for around 25 years now I’m prone to inflammations and infections.

let’s see…

This was just another in a long succession of irregular, annoying, health issues. At the start, the idea never occurred it may be an infection. I’d not had any collision, no cuts, abrasions or scratches so that didn’t pop up as the offender. That is until it persisted and grew to an open sore. The level also rose dramatically. I went to the physician. He did not believe it was serious. He wrote a prescription for a mild antibiotic and a lotion. I left the office convinced that the problem was in hand.

Back home I took a pill, applied the lotion and applied a bandage. By that point sitting in my computer and performing my everyday writing ritual was becoming a significant challenge. The pain was so intense I had to force myself to not move in any respect. That worked for a while. I took the complete antibiotic course and got into the habit of cleaning and dressing the open three times per day.

Berücksichtigen Sie

The process began last November. As I arrived at the conclusion of the bottle of pills I had been struck by a wave of confusion and disappointment. I had to confront the fact that the disease had gotten worse, not better. Had the doctor misdiagnosed it? Had he given me the wrong antibiotic? Worse, did I have some rare new illness? I moved back to his office at a much more worried condition than I was during my first trip. He admitted that he was puzzled but brushed that aside.

I got a new prescription for a more powerful antibiotic which was likely to require four successive injections. Once more I returned home feeling somewhat numb but optimistic that this stronger injectible antibiotic could do just fine. I received the injections and waited for the medicine to build up in my system and wipe out the disease. I waited and waited. The situation didn’t get better it got even worse. By then I couldn’t sit and also had trouble walking.

Pain factor

The pain was constant even when I was trying to write while lying down. This time when I returned to the physician’s office he told me to go to the emergency room. He wouldn’t try another antibiotic. In actuality, he seemed at a loss. Instead, I went into a practice. The doctor there did prescribe another antibiotic, took a civilization for the and had nurses wash the wound. It just kept growing as if the antibiotic lotion was a placebo and the injections had been nothing but .

At that stage, I had additional symptoms including chronic and the initial signs of depression. Both of these are characteristics of a diabetic’s life and I understood what they were when they arose. My immune system was crushed down and using whatever it may gain from whatever source was available. I didn’t get my hopes up throughout the third two-week path of the most recent antibiotic. In actuality, I was on pins and needles the entire time. When I finished I wasn’t surprised that it also had failed at its job. Still, it never occurred to me that I could be antibiotic resistant.

By that stage, I started to consider the possibility that my 71-year old body was running out of gasoline. My energy level was so low, and pain level so high that I couldn’t write. I could walk the short distance to the corner shop to boat and my mood was buried in the pits. When I returned to the physician’s office he didn’t look too surprised by the fact his prescription had neglected. He set the laboratory report up on the lightbox and pointed to it. I simply couldn’t wrap my head around his announcement. I had never thought I had overused antibiotics to the point my immune system built up a entire tolerance.


Then again, nobody ever tells you where that line is. In actuality, I had taken at least one course each of the 3 preceding years to heal sinus infections. I left the office completely confused and with no idea about what to do next. The doctor suggested that I program an operation to remove the contaminated area. My idea was that hospitals are terrific places to deal with infections. I wasn’t eager to take that choice particularly when it would mean I couldn’t sit at the computer and work for a far longer time period. Believe it or not, that entire process went on for four weeks and I still had the disease. I decided to tough it out and see if my body will mobilize and eliminate it.

I then had an impulse to attempt yet another doctor, a female who I’d seen before and was amazed by. She gave me a spray the other doctors never said, Microdacyn. This spray is a biologically active remedy for treating acute and chronic wounds that are difficult to cure. I applied and implemented it daily and started seeing improvement much to my relief. My status now is safeguarded and uncertain. I do now I can’t afford an additional sinus infection. I did find one effective therapy, Phage Therapy. However, that’s only available in Eastern Europe. I advise an extremely conservative approach when it comes to taking antibiotics, just do this when it’s really necessary.