Many men and women are interested in stimulants or an immune boosting system and it’s because of this that we provide this collection of information, helpful tips and strategies to help people protect themselves from colds, viruses and bacterial infections. Included in this guide is current research concerning herbs, botanicals and other plant products which might be natural immune system stimulants; this is by no means a comprehensive list.


Doctors, scientists and researchers are always investigating new information and detecting new immune system stimulants. A whole immune strengthening system must start with basic good health habits. Growing up, we were advised to wash our hands before we eat, but not until we touched our faces. Regardless of what immune system stimulants you use, you’ll be more inclined to pick up viruses or bugs should you not wash your hands before you touch your face, mouth, eyes or nose.

The next crucial step in an immune boosting process is proper nutrition. Taking a supplement, one of the typical immune system stimulants, isn’t enough. If you don’t get enough or magnesium, then the cells of your body might be unable to consume the vitamin C. If you choose an iron supplement, but not a vitamin C supplement, then the cells of the body might be unable to absorb the iron. Vitamins and minerals work together.

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As part of an immune boosting system, an entire multi-vitamin will be more beneficial than a single vitamin supplement . A daily multivitamin will also insure that you are receiving adequate nutrition. We don’t always eat the correct foods in the ideal combination daily. Multi-vitamins are insurance against insufficient nutrition and natural immune system stimulants. You have to get enough rest for the systems of your body to work correctly. So the next element for an immune strengthening process is a fantastic night’s sleep.

Studies have shown what our mothers understood; many men and women need 6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night for good health. Any conditions that disrupt a complete night of sleep on a constant basis have to be addressed before other immune system stimulants may do the job properly. So far we’ve got good health habits, a daily multivitamin and appropriate rest in our immune strengthening system. The upcoming items should be avoided, to be able to get the most from immune system stimulants and a complete immune strengthening system; und .

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While short term stress, like playing sports or coping with a direct threat, releases chemicals into the body which are temporary immune system stimulants, a lot of studies have demonstrated that , resulting from a high pressure job, a troubled relationship or other aspects, blunts immune system responses. If you can’t reduce the chronic stress in your life then your need for natural immune system stimulants, like herbs and botanicals is higher. If you , vitamin C is leeched from your system.

You’re more likely to develop upper respiratory ailments. Your immune system is busy attempting to counteract the effects of smoking, so attempts to make an immune boosting system will most likely not be work. Everyone can benefit from immune system stimulants, but people who work or reside at a hospital or nursing home, individuals working with the general public, have kids in school, college students or even people who eat out regularly are exposed to hundreds of different viruses and therefore are at greater risk of developing infections.


Immune system stimulants and a complete immune strengthening system are especially important for these individuals. Immune system stimulants containing Beta Glucans, located in the cell walls of yeast, oats, barley, edible mushrooms and other plants, are the subject of numerous clinical and scientific studies. One showed that individuals using these immune system stimulants had an increased variety of helper T-cells circulating in the blood stream.

Helper T-cells are specialized white blood cells which identify viruses and other things which don’t belong in the human body and notify killer T-cells to destroy those items. Beta-glucan supplementation may be an effective part of a complete immune strengthening system.


Immune system stimulants like the herb Andrographis Paniculata or AP for short may also be an effective element in an immune boosting system. AP has a history of use in traditional Chinese for its effective treatment of disease, cold, fever and inflammation. Scientists who study herbs used in traditional medicine have demonstrated that AP could be effective for treating flu, by reducing time and the probability of complications. While some herbs used as immune system stimulants may be toxic when used for long intervals, AP has been demonstrated in animal studies to have very low or no toxicity.