What’s the vagus nerve and why is it important? To put it simply, the vagus nerve is the commander-in-chief of your internal nerve center, regulating all your major organs. This is the longest cranial never, which begins from the brain just behind the ears and connects to all of the body’s major organs. It sends fibers out of your brain-stem to all your visceral organs, and is literally the commander of your internal nerve center, communicating nerve impulses to every organ in your body.

Did you know?

The term vagus literally means “wanderer”, since it wanders through the body from the all the way into the fertility organs, hitting everything in between. In regards to mind-body relationship, the vagus nerve is monumental, as it reaches all the key organs except for the adrenal and thyroid gland. This is an important nerve to each organ it’s in contact with. It’s what helps control depression and anxiety in the mind. How we connect with one another is closely linked to the vagus nerve as its connected to nerves which tune our ears to address, it coordinates eye contact, and those that regulate expressions.

This nerve also has the capability to affect appropriate hormone release in the body that keeps our psychological and bodily systems healthy. It’s the vagus nerve that’s responsible for raising stomach acidity and digestive juice secretion for simplicity in digestion in the gut. When aroused, it can also enable you to absorb B12. When it’s not working properly, after that you can expect to have serious stomach problems like Colitis, IBS, and Re-flux, just to mention a few.

Reflux issues

These are the result of a vagus nerve issue because the it also controls the esophagus. It’s the improper reflex of the esophagus that leads to ailments like Gerd and Re-flux. The vagus nerve also can help control the rate and blood pressure, preventing cardiovascular disease. While in the pancreas and liver, it is this nerve that controls blood sugar balance, preventing diabetes. When it passes through the gut, the vagus nerve will help to discharge bile, which is what aids your body in removing toxins and breaking down fat.

While in the bladder, it is this nerve that promotes overall kidney function, increasing blood circulation, thereby improving filtration in our own bodies. When the vagus nerve reaches into the spleen, activation will lessen inflammation in all organs. This nerve even has the capability to control fertility and orgasms in women. An inactive or blocked vagus nerve can wreak havoc through the body and mind.

Let’s understand it

Now we know that the vagus nerve is connected to all the major organs and proper functioning of these organs, we can readily conclude that any disorder, illness, or disease of the brain, body, or soul, can be reversed or even treated by activating and stimulating the vagus nerve. So you’ll indeed see positive effects from vagus nerve stimulation on problems like anxiety disorders, cardiovascular disease, migraines and headaches, , dependence, circulation, gut difficulties, memory difficulties, mood disorders, MS, and even cancer.

There are many documented ways to stimulate the vagus nerve like singing or chanting, laughter, yoga, meditation, exercises, exercise in general, and sound just to mention a few. Singing and laughter works the muscles in the back of the throat that activates the nerve.


Mild exercising and exercising generally increases gut fluids that means that the vagus nerve was stimulated. A regimented Yoga practice may also increase activation of the nerve because of the motions but also the Meditation and OM-ing helps stimulate the vagus nerve. All these ways that you can use stimulate the vagus nerve have something in common: Sound!

Findings of resonant frequency of organs is occurring worldwide by physicians to help in vibrating the body back into a state of wellbeing, and transfuses illness and ailments such as stress, PTSD, migraines, depression, memory difficulties, chronic pain, sleep disorders, and even cancer. Dr. Gaynor director of oncology in the Strang-Cornell Cancer Prevention Center in New York, and author of Sounds of Healing. There was also a study in April of 2016, that involved patient with Alzheimer’s Disease.

Good to know

Researchers in the University of Toronto, Wilfrid Laurier University, and the Baycrest Centre Hospitals conducted a study of those patients in various phases of the disorder, exposing them to sound simulation in 40 hertz. They noticed”promising” results with cognition, clarity, and endurance. One particular school of thought comes from a French otolaryngologist, Alfred A Tomatis, who considers that the principal function of the ear is to supply all of the cells of the body with electric stimulation, thereby “toning up the entire system and imparting greater dynamism into the human being”

He considers that seems abundant in high harmonics are considered charging sounds, and seems abundant in lower tones are thought of as dis-charging sounds. Tomatis claimed to have successfully treated a huge array of illness through sound since they were related to problems with the internal ear. Just a couple of the issues he has successfully treated were stuttering, depression, , concentration difficulties, and disorders associated with equilibrium.

Final note

There’s another study that indicates that the Tomatis Method is supportive to helping children with ADD. Sound is quickly becoming one of the most largely buzzed about gatekeepers of in other healing methods now! Sound is a brilliant execution of common medication to stimulate the vagus nerve promoting the health and vitality of all of the organs in the body. Do this through sound recovery and Crystal Chakra Singing Bowls. Clear Quartz is known as the’Master Healer’ because is has the ability to amplify, transform, and transfer energy. When working with these quartz crystal bowls, the effects on the organs, tissues, and cells, together with the circulatory, endocrine, and metabolic processes are extreme. The tones in the crystals have been heard by the ear, felt from the body, stimulate the vagus nerve, allowing the vibrations to echo through each Chakra centre in the body, making a balanced and rejuvenated mind, body & soul!